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‘Power of the Damn MiXXXer’ (Megaforce/13th Planet)

Review by Jeff Maki
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Since their first major label release, 1990's Beg to Differ, Prong has been a reliable hardcore-industrial-metal act. Songs like “Prove You Wrong,” “Broken Peace,” “Unconditional” and “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” are known by metal fans worldwide. After some success, Prong disbanded in 1997, with lead vocalist/guitarist Tommy Victor going on to play with Danzig and Ministry. Now reformed, the band has landed on Ministry's Al Jourgensen's 13th Planet Records.

I wouldn't usually review a remix album without hearing the original —2007's Power of the Damager —in its entirety, but the influence of Jourgensen is apparent on Power of the Damn Mixxxer. In fact, it reminds me of classic Ministry, White Zombie, Fear Factory or Godflesh remixes and/or albums from the mid-'90s, back when this type of thing was at its peak. In other words, these songs aren't remixed to the point where the original recordings are irrelevant; different beats here, crazy vocal effects there, dance part here, added sounds and effects over there —but the integrity of the original tracks remains intact. Without hearing the master recordings, I can tell you that Power of the Damager is a strong album, with a few tracks that has Prong in position to be a relevant name in metal once again. Some standouts from the remix album include “The Banishment (Wolfzilla & The Angry Moon Mix)” by Rob Caggiano of Anthrax, “Power of the Damager (Fabrication Mix)” by Professional Murder Music and “3rd Option (Naked in the Cadillac Mix)” by Kourtney Klien. Some other artists contributing remixes are Virus of Dope, Clayton Worbeck of Revolting Cocks, Jon Clayden of Pitchshifter and Greg Puciato of Dillinger Escape Plan.

Even if somewhat predictable, Power of the Damn Mixxxer has some great interpretations of Prong's music, expanding their sound to reaches they hadn't previously climbed.