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'The Howling EP' (Roadrunner) (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Review by Jeff Maki

The Netherlands' Within Temptation is about to be properly introduced to the U.S. with their upcoming album The Heart of Everything, due out in July 2007 on Roadrunner Records. The band, led by charismatic frontwoman, Sharon den Adel, also is taking part in "The Hottest Chicks in Metal Tour" with Lacuna Coil and In This Moment. The band finally is going to get maximum exposure here in the States and deservingly so. To prepare U.S. fans, the band has partnered with Hot Topic to release The Howling EP for the low cost of $1.99.

After starting as more of a full-on gothic metal piece, in recent years, Within Temptation has become more accessible and added catchy hooks to their material, prompting some to say they are jumping on the Evanescence trend. Either way, there's no denying the shear beauty and magnetism of Sharon den Adel's powerful voice. The EP features “The Howling” from the new album and it keeps the same updated style from The Silent Force. Four songs are included from that album: “Stand My Ground” (album version), “Angels,” “Jillian” and “Memories.” The enhanced CD also includes the video for the first single from The Heart of Everything, “What Have You Done Now,” featuring guest vocals by Keith Caputo (Life of Agony).

This, of course, only serves as a warm-up, but for almost no cost you get one third of The Silent Force, and a new song and video—not bad at all. Within Temptation already has made it big overseas; now their sights are set on the United States. That said, welcomes Within Temptation.