Five Finger Death Punch: Taking back control


August 25, 2007

Five months ago, introduced readers to a new force in metal known as Five Finger Death Punch (READ INTERVIEW HERE). In July, we brought you the first review of their stunning debut album, The Way of the Fist (READ REVIEW HERE). Now, we continue our coverage of the band carrying the flag of “true metal” and headlining the second stage of the 2007 edition of the Family Values Tour.’s Greg Maki caught up with the guys when the tour rolled into the Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, Va., three days before their album hit stores. He sat down with frontman Ivan Moody (ex-Motograter), guitarist Zoltan Bathory (ex-U.P.O.) and bassist Matt Snell (ex-Deadsett) to discuss the album, the tour, their first music video (starring Halloween’s Danielle Harris), the growing legion of “Knuckleheads” and more.

Live-Metal: First, kickass show, guys.

Ivan Moody: Thank you.

Zoltan Bathory: Thanks.

Have you been getting that kind of reaction through the whole tour so far?

Zoltan: Actually, it was probably the smallest so far.

Ivan: Yeah, one of the weaker crowds.

Matt Snell: Because of the heat.

Zoltan: Because of the heat, yeah. Like yesterday, we had a stretcher. Somebody got knocked the fuck out.

Matt: That’s not a lie. That’s the truth.

Zoltan: Yeah, we have it on videotape. The day before, a guy got his head opened.

Ivan: The other day before that, a guy broke his ankle.

Zoltan: Yeah, the day before that, he broke his ankle. Every fucking town, the pit is getting intense.

Matt: It was really hot today, though, so by the time we went on, I think some of them were beat down by the sun before we got to them.

Ivan: That’s the thing, too. It’s so damn hot. You have kids out there busting their ass in 120 degrees, I don’t care if there’s five of them, that’s militant to me.

Matt: Bottom line is, if you come to a Death Punch show, Ivan’s gonna throw some water at you anyway. You’re bound to get wet, maybe even get a couple full bottles ‘cause I saw a few of those get launched at the beginning of the set. [laughs]

Zoltan: Yeah, and the pits, just get ready for those.

Why did you decide to do this tour as the first tour?

Ivan: Well, what a better opportunity to get out with a diverse crowd. You’ve got how many other bands on the bill? You’ve got Flyleaf, Korn, Hellyeah—good friends of ours—a whole bunch of great bands that in three out of four times we probably wouldn’t have ended up touring with these people unless it was this kind of festival. So it exposes us to such a variety of people, and to us, it was easy.

I can imagine some of the Evanescence fans just being scared to death when you guys come out.

Ivan: Absolutely.

Matt: Actually, they’ve been really liking us and sticking around our stage even longer lately. So it’s working out pretty good. Didn’t even know they liked it.

Ivan: Well, it’s funny ‘cause [today] we were actually playing at the same time as Hellyeah, and to have a crowd that’s that big while Hellyeah is playing of all people, I was really impressed. That’s what makes me proud.

Zoltan: And plus, we’re headlining the second stage, so that’s a pretty good—Even just to say, like, “Hey, we’re headlining,” it’s good.


Are there any bands that you didn’t know that you’ve gotten to see and have really impressed you?

Matt: For me, Trivium. I hadn’t seen them yet, so I finally got to see them. They rip it, man. They’re great.

Ivan: For me, personally, I was really looking forward to Hellyeah. I’ve met Vinnie [Paul] and played with him a couple times. I love Chad [Gray], Tom Maxwell from Nothingface. But I got to see Flyleaf the other day, and I’ve gotta tell you, those kids are off the Richter. That singer is like 5-foot-nothing, and she is insane. I absolutely love watching those guys.

Matt: That bass player leaps off the PA every night.

Ivan: Every night.

Matt: It’s like a 15-foot drop. It’s unbelievable.

Ivan: Yeah, exactly, like plunges. It’s great. I really like Flyleaf, for sure. And, of course, it’s Korn.

Matt: [to Zoltan] What about you?

Zoltan: Yeah, pretty much the same. I wanted to see Hellyeah, Trivium. I saw Atreyu before.

Ivan: You know what, I have not seen Atreyu. That’s what I should do.

Matt: Yeah, I watched them yesterday.

Ivan: Were they good?

Matt: Killin’ it.

Zoltan: Drummer sings. Right? That’s the drummer singing.

Matt: Yeah, a lot of it.

Ivan: He does all the melodies.

Zoltan: For a second, I was confused, like, “What the fuck is going on here? Who’s the singer here?”


Zoltan: Is it like fucking Mos Def? What is this? LL Cool J? Who’s the singer?

Ivan: Yeah, he does all the melodies.

So there’s the obvious Kill Bill connection to the name of the band, but I heard there’s a little more to it than that.

Ivan: There is. This is usually how I explain it. Each one of us, socially, are completely different people. We all have our own lifestyles. We point in different directions as you would see a hand. But the second that those fingers come together, it creates a fist, and that’s really more of the metaphor we were going for, that no matter who we are as individuals, the second we’re playing music or we’re in that mode or we’re on stage, it’s a unit and it’s usually unstoppable. I say usually because unless it’s one of us doing something wrong, it’s really hard to get in our way.

Then I guess the album title kind of goes right in with that, too, right?

Ivan: Absolutely, The Way of the Fist.

The album’s finally coming out on Tuesday. I guess you’re pretty excited about that.

Ivan and Matt: Finally!

Ivan: How many times did we push it back? It was supposed to be what? 1987, December 2 or something?

Zoltan: Some of it sounds like Black Sabbath because we did it in the same time. We just got pushed back.


One of the delays was because you signed with The Firm, right?

Zoltan: Yeah, basically, we were negotiating with different labels, and we were getting some major love on MySpace, and we played a couple shows around Los Angeles. We played Missouri, Dodge Arena. We played pretty fucking good shows, actually. Dragonforce was the first show; we played with a full house. So we were getting some pretty cool buzz, and more and more people were around. When The Firm came about, well this is the biggest management in the world. Who’s gonna say no? And they loved the band.

Ivan: And not to mention, for them to start their own label, considering all the bands they’ve managed—you can start with Manson and Korn and work your way down—considering that they’ve worked with every label, major and minor, you could ever think of in the industry, for them to start a label, for us it was a no-brainer. Not to mention, they’re making us a priority. We’re like a fuckin’ hood ornament on a freight train.

Matt: They like us, too. They genuinely like us, we like them. It’s actually a really good relationship we have with them. It’s not like we phone in to nowhere. We talk to them daily. We talk to them regardless of it’s business or not.

Zoltan: We walked into The Firm the other day before we just came out on tour, and you can see all the Korn and all these platinum albums, and every space that was empty there was a Five Finger Death Punch poster, on the elevators, everywhere. That’s pretty fucking awesome. And you see these quadruple platinum records, and Linkin Park has 13 million or something. And right next to it there’s a Five Finger Death Punch skateboard on the wall. That’s pretty fucking awesome.

Ivan: Yeah, that’s pretty cool, man.

How is it different working with them, where the management and the label are the same people?

Ivan: Usually, it seems like it would be a conflict of interest, but it’s not. They do such an amazing job as management, and like I said, for them to be who they are and to have their own label, it’s almost a blessing. It really is because we don’t have to make 20 phone calls to get something done. It’s one person on the phone, it’s done. That’s it.

Zoltan: We have the same goal. We just wanna go the distance, obviously. Like Ivan just said, it’s not like we have to get our manager to beat up the label to do something. It’s all the same crew, so it’s all done, like everything really, really fast. Like this festival just came about like that. We’re on it, we’re headlining the second stage. That’s fucking huge.

You always see the “true metal” thing with the band. How do you define that?

Zoltan: It came from the fans, actually.

Matt: The fans gave us that.

Ivan: Yeah, that wasn’t us. I say “true metal,” personally—we always get asked that—is honest. It’s pure. It’s what comes from our heart. There’s no diluted Yellow No. 5 in it or what’s gonna be the next single. To us, it’s truth. This is what we grew up on. This is what we want to play. Let’s execute it. If the world doesn’t like it, fuck ‘em. If they don’t get on to it, then so be it.

Zoltan: Imagine this: We recorded this album without any-fucking-body touching it. No producer, no management, no label ever told us what to do, when to do it, how to do it. We recorded this whole album on the way we wanted it. That’s true metal. Nobody fucking touched it. It was what we wanted to do, and when we delivered the whole thing to The Firm, they were like, “Fucking awesome!” That’s cool. Done deal.


When you got the whole lineup together, did you know right away that it was going to stick?

Ivan: When I met these guys, I think they debated more on me than I did them. I took a serious vacation from the music industry after Motograter. I didn’t want anything to do with it. The politics had driven me nuts. For them to come to me and to show me, basically, this tank and ask me, “Hey, you wanna drive this for us?” Again, it was a no-brainer. That’s the only reason I think I really fell so in love with these guys overnight. The package itself was brilliant, the guys are great people. Like I said, they’re honorable, they’re honest, they do what they believe in. I’m a little bit shaky sometimes. I am definitely the definition of a vocalist. I have my ups and downs daily. I don’t think I’ve ever debated on these guys from the day I met them, but I’m sure a couple times they were sitting in a corner going, “This guy’s fuckin’ crazy! Are we sure?”

Zoltan: Well, he’s definitely crazy. I second that. Ivan is crazy, but that’s why I love him.

Matt: I think the question was, “Can you live in a bus with him for a year?” And for me it was like, “Hell yeah. I drink with him all the time. It won’t be a problem for me. What about you?”


Zoltan: So far, it’s a week in, and I think the answers are yes.

Matt: Yeah, we’re gonna make it.

Zoltan: Do we have to kiss the bride or can I skip that part? [laughs]

Ivan: Exactly. We love each other, man. We’d fight and die for each other every day. It’s a good brotherhood we’ve got going.

Zoltan: You know, everybody’s got a set of testicles in the band, so nobody’s a pushover. Everybody has their own little corner of what they’re about, and if we all respect each other, then it’s good. We kind of learn to respect each other. That’s what it is. Everybody has their kinks, their red buttons not to push.

Matt: No one’s hired into this project. We made the decision before we left that this is the band, these five people. This is the band. That’s it. Through whatever happens, this is the band.

Zoltan: And the awesome thing about it, I think you can look at that stage and tell that this is not like, “Hey, let’s do this gig.”

Matt: You could be in the worst mood in the world when you get off the bus that morning, but the minute that intro starts—

Zoltan: Absolutely true.

Matt: —you’re on.

Zoltan: It happens. Like one of us will just have a shitty fucking day, like Matt.

Matt: Me yesterday, it was horrible.

Zoltan: And then the second the music starts, it’s over.

How long did you actually spend writing and recording the album?

Zoltan: Two years. Actually, I would take this opening to say there are people looking at this band like, “What the fuck? Where is this band coming from? Why is this band getting to headline the second stage of Family Values?”

Matt: “How’d they get signed to The Firm?”

Zoltan: “Why is this band signed to a major label, major management? What the fuck?” Well, people can do it the long way or the smart way. That’s one thing, and that’s Matt’s saying, I’m just stealing it. And the other thing is, imagine this: We worked on this fucking thing for two years, so when we came out and played the first show, this was already a tank. It wasn’t like, “Well, we’ll fix it later.” No.

Matt: It was nine shows to signing.

Zoltan: For two years, you never heard of this band. And then we came out and by the time we came out, it was like—

Matt: Nine shows. We had a deal in nine shows and never played the Strip.

Ivan: And I’d say, personally, for me especially, when they handed me the CD, it was done. Every song was done. I was in Denver at the time, and they were mailing me out songs. So when I came, I was prepped. I think I came out with six of them done, and we sat in the studio and worked the other four, massaged them through. But it took me almost three months, and for me, it was needed. I needed that kind of time to really get involved with what I was doing. But like I said, these guys had it cut and dried before I even got a hold of them, so I was proud of them.

Zoltan: We knew what we wanted, and then homeboy came into audition and this was his audition: He sang one song, and it’s like, “OK, this is cool. You want the gig?” He’s like, “Yeah.” “OK, Monday, we start in the studio.” This was Friday. He’s like, “What?”

Ivan: I seriously said, “What?!” I was like, “I gotta go home, dude.” He’s like, “No, we gotta record.”

Zoltan: “Yeah, we’re recording the album. You show up at the studio, close the door and sing, motherfucker.”

Ivan: “Get it done. We’ve got a week.”

Zoltan: And that’s how it was done. And then after that, we rehearsed, we worked it out. So what you see is two years of work. We just didn’t work out the details publicly.

Ivan: And that’s something else. We don’t go to practice like most bands. I’ve seen a lot of bands go into practice, pre-production or whatever you want to call it, and they’ll fuck around for a week or two. When we’re in there, we walk out of that room sweating and bleeding just like we do when we walk off that stage. And that’s something else I really pride this band on: It’s 110 every time.

Matt: Everybody’s a pro in this band. We don’t sit around and, like, practice. We rehearse. There’s a difference. We all know how to play. We all know to show up ready and do the job because if you do it well, we’re gonna have fun. We have a blast together. When we’re playing, it’s on. It’s just on.

What are some of the things that inspire your lyrics?

Ivan: Everything. From life in general to family, exes, these guys, myself. The song “Ashes” is actually written about the darker half of me that I’ve had to fight my entire life. “The Devil’s Own” is written about my family, vocally anyway, like mother and father. “The Bleeding” is written about a woman that I was really close to. “Meet the Monster” is dedicated to a band I used to play in. The name escapes me, but I was definitely in them, I’m sure of it. I put every situation of my daily life into my vocals, otherwise it wouldn’t be honest to the fans. I’m not gonna sing about dragons or shit like that. To me, it’s all about reality.


Matt: Easy. Easy, those bands are doing well right now.


Matt: Making a comeback.


Zoltan: Also, what happens is we give Ivan a track, and we never tell him what to do. I mean, there’s no way. That’s one part of the respect. He’s the vocalist, don’t fucking tell him what to do. [Pointing to Matt] He’s the bass guitarist. They do their own shit. But let’s say I hand him a song and he’s asking me what this song is about, and I can give a picture like, “Well, when I wrote this, this is what I was thinking of. But it doesn’t matter. You do whatever you want.” But sometimes, like for example “Death Before Dishonor,” that was one of those songs. I told him, you know, my favorite story of history was the 300. In history, for us, we had to learn about that shit, and it was one of the greatest stories for me. It’s just a coincidence that they made a movie out of it. And when I gave him that song, this movie was nowhere on the fuckin’ horizon yet.

Ivan: It was probably eight months before this movie came out.

Zoltan: Yeah. And I told him that that’s what the song is about, like when people got the balls to walk out there and they know they’re gonna fucking die here for something they believe in. That’s the death before dishonor. That’s what the song is about. It’s for the Marines, the whoevers out there fucking doing the same thing now that the Greeks did.

Ivan: People who are really on the front line and not the people who sit behind the chairs.

Zoltan: They have an ideal, and they’re willing to die for that. That’s some balls.

Are there any more songs that didn’t make it onto the album?

Ivan: There’s a couple, but we’re not gonna talk about them just ‘cause we don’t know what we’re gonna do with them yet. We’ve got a couple soundtracks, we’ve also got a couple video game options and stuff. We’re gonna kinda shop ‘em around, see how we feel. We’re really just concerned with what’s on this album right now. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to start writing the next one. I’ve sang these songs so many fucking times, it’s like it’s almost irritating, and we’re not even begun.

Matt: We’re sitting in the back lounge, going down the road at 70 miles an hour on little tiny speakers just jamming out ideas, kicking it right now, getting it done. It’s not even work. It’s like, “Hey, you got any ideas?” “Yeah, I got this. What can you do with it?” I’ll play a chord progression, and he’ll lead on it for 20, 30 minutes straight, and then we’ll just shelve it. You hear it the morning and go, “That’s a good one. Keep that one.” Then go on to the next one.

Ivan: We have a couple of those new pieces that I am ecstatic about.

Matt: We never even have to force it. It’s not like, “We’re gonna write a song that sounds like this.” Death Punch is Death Punch.

Zoltan: There’s a general agreement. This band was sort of built on a way of that was the idea, like we’re gonna play straight-up fucking metal the way we like it. There was a time when musicians couldn’t be in bands if they couldn’t fucking play or couldn’t sing or couldn’t—You know what I mean? And now it’s just kind of gone. Every fucking asshole can be a singer. You go up there and [growls]. Who can’t do that? That shit pisses me off. And that’s gotta be fucking over by now.

Matt: Every show starts the same: “Hey, motherfuckers!”

Zoltan: Yeah, you go to, let’s say, a metal festival, and that’s all I hear. “[Growls] Fuck you, man! [Growls].” Next band comes up and the same shit.

Matt: The first thing we do is ask the crowd to flip us off. It’s like, “Let’s see those fingers, baby.” Let’s break the ice.

Ivan: I want to know how many of you really came to have fun.

Zoltan: And that was our idea, like dude, fuck this. This band gonna be assembled from people who know their shit. [Pointing to Ivan] This motherfucker can sing. [Pointing to Matt] He can play his bass like, “Holy shit.”

Ivan: Like Victor Wooten.

Matt: Like Victor wouldn’t.


Zoltan: Every-single-body is a top-shot musician, and then we play our kind of metal. No compromising.

I saw the video for “The Bleeding” yesterday.

Ivan: What did you think?

I thought it was pretty cool. It’s different from what most other bands are doing these days.

Matt: It’s a movie.

Ivan: We set out with it in the mind. We didn’t want to be jumping around in a church, splashing around in water. We really wanted a concept. We wanted to give what we—

Matt: There’s a story in that song. It means something.

Ivan: There’s an absolute story.

Zoltan: And all the motherfuckers who say like, “Oh, it’s been done before”? You know what, dude? Message: Fuck you, you’ve been done before, too.

Ivan: We used Danielle Harris in the video, who’s in the new Zombie Halloween movie, and she’s a really, really, really, really amazing actress. She brought out the worst in me. It was a great day of shooting.

Matt: It was. We got hurt filming that video.

How did she get involved?

Ivan: She actually got involved through the director, Bradley [Scott], who actually knew her. They were old friends together. She was in the middle of doing some other stuff, and he offered her the part. She came in and grabbed right up on it. It was an honor to work with her. Anybody else, I don’t think it would’ve sat well. She was perfect in every way. Except for the fact that she’s not single, which really ticks me off.


Ivan: You can quote me on that one, too.

Do you have plans for the next video yet?

Ivan: We do. We’ve got a couple, but I don’t want to—

Zoltan: There’s a debate. You know what, we can say it’s probably gonna be “Devil’s Own,” but we really wanna make “The Way of the Fist.” ‘Cause “Way of the Fist” is one of our signature songs. It’s one of those songs when that comes on the radio, everybody drops the fucking drill and like, “What the fuck is that?” That’s one of those songs, and we really kind of want a visual interpretation for that.

Matt: It’s definitely the most fun for me every night, song three. Let’s kill it, dudes.

Zoltan: I just love the fucking jaws. We start to play that song, and even the guys in the back standing there, you know they’re from another band and they’re sitting there, and for that song, it’s like everyone gets kind of involved.

Matt: It’s just a fun song to play, that’s the thing. We didn’t write this like, “We’re gonna write a real brutal song.” This song just evolved, and when he came up with the lyrics for it, it was just done.

Zoltan: How many “fucks” in that song? Twenty-seven?

Matt: Twenty-seven.

Zoltan: We got banned from a ringtone site.

Ivan: Twenty-seven F-bombs.

Zoltan: I should frame that email. We are banned from a cell phone site.

This tour is just a week into it, but do you know what’s next afterwards?

Matt: Nothing’s solidified.

Ivan: We’ve gotten a couple offers, man, but like I said, we’re gonna be really picky about this ‘cause just like we’ve done up to this point, we want to make sure it’s just right, everything’s aligned and we’re not gonna accept anything less than the best.

Zoltan: I can tell you the wish list. I would love to play with Metallica. I would fucking love to go out with Hellyeah, we love those guys.

Ivan: Love to go out with Hellyeah.

Zoltan: We played with them on a couple off-dates.

Ivan: Those guys are the best. We love those cats. They were over here hanging out with us yesterday, a little barbecue. The day before that, actually got to sit down with Maxwell and Chad and talk to them a little bit. Really great guys.

Zoltan: It’s a fun little family. Their bus is parking on one side and then Trivium parking on this side. We fucking make barbecues and whatnot.

Ivan: It’s cool.

Matt: A little family. We steal each other’s bicycles and ride around the parking lot.

Is there a plan for how long you’ll stay out on this album?

Matt: About a year, right?

Ivan: I’d say until it’s over. Until they decide that they don’t want to it hear it anymore. Then we go back to the studio.

Matt: And the way that we do it, everything it pretty military-minded, so it happens quickly and decisively. So when we go to record, we will record, then we will cut, and then we will mix and we will promote and we will be back out.

Zoltan: But if we have to be on the road for two years, fucking Metallica-style, dude, I left home when I was 18. I never went home. So I don’t think it’s gonna make a fucking difference.

Ivan: I don’t think any one of us is not ready for this.

Matt: Worst-case scenario, we just drive by Burbank and pick up a studio, throw it in the back of the bus and then we’ll do it on the road.

Zoltan: Can’t wait to play fucking Europe, man. I’m from Europe, so for me that’s like homeland. Those motherfuckers will recognize.

Is the album being released over there at the same time?

Zoltan: Not in the same time, but it’s worldwide. The Firm is a major label, but the sweet thing about it is that there are two bands on it. So being on a major label with two bands on it with full attention—

Matt: Plus, they’re good people, man. They really want us to do well.

Zoltan: But nobody fucks with them, either.

Matt: I mean, in regards to us, they’re nice. When they go out there, they’re gangsters, but when they deal with us … It’s genuine, too. We have a good time. We spend half the time at our meetings eating popcorn and knocking back Hershey bars.

Ivan: Jackie and Mark really look after us. They love us. Not to mention, Jackie’s a metalhead. For her to be in charge of our book …

Zoltan: Our managers, Jackie Kajzer and Mark Phillips, those guys are like on a daily basis—everybody at The Firm. Imagine that I can call our manager-slash-label at 2 a.m. on the cell phone like, “Hey, we need to get it done.” You can bet your ass the next day it’s done, in the morning. Oh, did I just hit you with my dreads?

No. How long have been growing those?

Ivan: Since Nam.

Zoltan: Yeah, since Nam. But when I was found in the jungle, I already had this long—

Ivan: When I was found? OK, Mowgli.


Zoltan: When I was found in the jungle, I had this long hair and I just dreaded it, basically. So I would say it’s 15 years in the making now.


Ivan: That’s one thing about Zo. When he dedicates himself to something, there’s no turning back.

Zoltan: This is gonna stay with me for a while, I’ll tell you that. It’s like three feet of fucking hair. I have to watch when I wipe.

Ivan: Alright, so.

Matt: Anything else you want to know?


Ivan: We really appreciate what you did for us, man. Everything.

Sure. Album of the year, I think. It’s amazing. I love it.

Zoltan: And the messages from all the Knuckleheads. They’re sending us a fucking shitload of emails. There are five of us. In this bus, there are six computers. Everybody’s online on the computer answering emails and emails and emails. Holy shit, man.

Matt: A girl came up to me today. She pulled me aside at the signing and said, “Matt, you wrote me a message a few months ago.” I’m like, “I hope it wasn’t rude.” She goes, “No, not at all, but you wrote me. I write to bands all the time, they never write back.”

Ivan: We get that all the time. That is definitely something that we pride ourselves on, open communication with our fans. They know who we are. We know who they are. We’re all blue collar. We’re down-to-earth people. There’s no need for any rock star shit. I always tell people the second I start being a dick rock star, my mom will slap the hell out of me.

Zoltan: Can I? [laughs] Just asking.

Ivan: Some other time.

Zoltan: I think it’s super important. A gazillion kids I met, and I recognize their faces from MySpace.

Ivan: Just in case nobody pumps MySpace enough.

Zoltan: It’s a tool.

Matt: It’s an amazing tool.

Ivan: It’s the biggest online chatroom in the world.

Matt: The whole world can have your music. So if you’re giving your music to the whole world on MySpace and you’re not getting many plays, rethink your music. You’ve got a problem there.

Zoltan: Yeah, true. A friend of mine asked me this question, like, “Dude, how is it possible that you guys got like 8,000 spins?” Have you ever considered that maybe we’re good?

Matt: That’s just an answer nobody can accept. There are a bunch of people with like 100,000 or 200,000 people on their page, and if they’re getting 150 spins a day, it’s ‘cause no one wants to listen to their songs.

Zoltan: It’s a perfect, perfect tool to throw out your music, and if it’s good, people will come.

Matt: We didn’t even start the fan clubs. The whole Special Forces there was done by a dude out in Vegas. He started that whole thing.

Zoltan: Carlos. Give some love to Carlos.

Matt: Then it spun out, and we met A.J. yesterday. He’s our Rhode Island Death Punch Crew guy, and he built the whole thing himself and had huge bunch of Knuckleheads.

There was another guy who set up a message board.

Zoltan: There’s Jason from Oklahoma. Then we have a kid named Tracy from Missouri, and we have a kid out in Europe. The bulletin board is from Europe, Patrick. All of them just do it on their own.

Ivan: See that’s the other thing. We just walked through a group of 10 people, and we know them by name, we know them by face. How many bands can say that? Like I said, that’s really something we pride ourselves on, man. I love the people that love us. And if they don’t, fuck ‘em, move to the side. We’re really proud of our fan base, man, some of the strongest I’ve seen in years.