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Untitled-2Review by Greg Maki
Alright people welcome to the show
Are you ready to rock? Are you ready to go?
Yeah we’ve got what you want and we’ve got what you need
So get your arse down here n’ let your ears bleed
C’mon drink your beer and drink your wine
Let’s have a good time
We’re ready, so get ready
We’re gonna rock, rock tonight
Stand up for rock n’ roll!

Now who can argue with any of that? Why would you want to? (more…)

scream-aim-fireReview by Greg Maki
I knew they had it in them. Bullet for My Valentine’s debut full-length release, The Poison (2006), was brimming with potential, but the band seemed torn between which direction it wanted to pursue. Serious metal band or sensitive rock radio favorite? At some point during the past two years, which saw The Poison become a bonafide worldwide success, these young men from Wales reconciled those two sides without abandoning either one. The result is Scream Aim Fire, a superb sophomore effort that seems destined to find a spot on my eventual best-of-2008 list. (more…)

annihilator-metalHere is the most appropriate album title of the year. Metal by Annihilator is an anthology of different metal genres, filtered through a unique brand of guitar rawk. It’s an album that should have the makers of the Guitar Hero series salivating, with its blistering leads by band maestro Jeff Waters. (more…)


Photos by Greg Maki (more…)


Photos by Greg Maki (more…)


Photos by Greg Maki (more…)

Review by Greg Maki
Three Legs of Trouble is the debut release from StoneRider, but some of you might have heard these guys before. They were called Fight Paris and, in 2005, they released an album, Paradise, Found, and toured the United States. Same label, same four dudes, only now they have fully embraced the retro, Southern rock stylings they flirted with under their old name. Even if the sound hadn’t changed, let’s face it: StoneRider is a lot more badass of a name than Fight Paris. (more…)