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bleeding-through-declarationLet’s get this out of the way: Bleeding Through’s Declaration is an entirely different album than the band’s breakthrough, 2006’s The Truth. While many might have thought the band would have built upon the previous album’s crossover appeal, Declaration is as violent, heavy and extreme as the band could get. (more…)

amon-amarth-twilightWhen Unleashed proclaimed that “The Longships are Coming” who knew they had foreseen a future of battle metal warriors, paying tribute to the ancient gods, otherwise known as Viking metal. Who better to wield the bloody battle axe and wave the victory flags than Sweden’s Amon Amarth, leading a musical movement they helped to forge and create.

Twilight of the Thunder God has all of what you’d expect of Amon Amarth. (more…)

megadeth_anthologyReview by Jeff Maki
Remember a time when greatest hits albums came out years after a band had broken up or maybe after 10 to 15 years of activity? Those days have been gone for a long while, as we’ve even seen bands release greatest hits after two or three albums, some of which only contained one or two real hits. Megadeth’s Anthology: Set the World Afire is the band’s latest greatest hits or compilation and on the outside looks like another cash grab by former label Capitol Records. As a fan, I hope this is an attempt to expose Megadeth’s classic material to a new generation of fans, but it’s most likely the former. (more…)

Review by Greg Maki
Metalcore? Not In This Moment. Not anymore, anyway. (more…)

within_temptation-black_symphonyIn a 2007 interview with Live-Metal.Net, Within Temptation vocalist Sharon den Adel told me about this concert and its future DVD release. I’ve been anxiously awaiting it ever since. I’m jealous of those lucky fans who were in attendance at this once-in-a-lifetime event. For Black Symphony, the band brought in the 60-piece Metropole Orchestra and the Pa’dam classical choir, brilliantly enhancing their already dark, gothic sound, creating an enormous, ambitious spectacle. The show capped off the touring cycle from their hit 2007 album The Heart of Everything (review). The set includes the complete live show on DVD, shot with 14 hi-definition cameras, and a condensed version of the performance on CD. The concert was held at the sold-out Ahoy arena in the Netherlands on Feb. 7, 2008, in front of 10,000 fans. (more…)

metal-church_this-present-wastelandReview by Ryan Mavity
I am really not the guy to review the new Metal Church album, This Present Wasteland. For one, the band’s name inspires giggles from me, mostly as an inside joke between the Live-Metal crew. Second, it’s not the kind of metal I, personally, am into: that Queensryche/Iced Earth school of power metal that emphasizes sounding as massive as a fleet of Hummer H2’s and vocals about a dystopian future. (more…)

REVIEW: Evergrey – ‘Torn’

Posted: September 23, 2008 by Jeffrey Maki in Reviews
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Evergrey_-_TornI’ve seen the name Evergrey over the years and I’m familiar with them from touring with their fellow Gothenburg, Sweden friend, In Flames. But it’s wasn’t until 2008’s Torn that I was able to hear an entire album by them.

Torn is a strong, guitar-oriented, pop-friendly metal album. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but Evergrey seems to have mastered the fine line between the underground and the light of day. For longtime fans, vocalist Thomas Englund describes the album as a “modern mix of In Search of Truth and Recreation Day.” (more…)

Five Finger Death Punch, from left: Darrell Roberts, Ivan Moody, Matt Snell, Zoltan Bathory and Jeremy Spencer.

Five Finger Death Punch, from left: Darrell Roberts, Ivan Moody, Matt Snell, Zoltan Bathory and Jeremy Spencer.

More than a year after the release of its debut album, The Way of the Fist, Five Finger Death Punch remains one of metal’s hottest new acts. With two hit singles (“The Bleeding” and “Never Enough”) under their belts, a newly released video for its disc’s punishing title track and coming off of a summer spent pulverizing the Jägermeister stage of the inaugural Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival, the now is headlining a U.S. tour that will keep it on the road into December. Then begins phase two of the 5FDP quest for world domination, as the band is preparing to take its music across the globe. At one of the last stops of the Mayhem tour, the band’s founder, guitarist Zoltan Bathory, and Live Metal’s Greg Maki pulled up a couple chairs in the back of a trailer and discussed all things Five Finger Death Punch. (more…)

atr-overcomeComparing any average album to All That Remains’ The Fall of Ideals is like trying to turn water into wine. Needless to say, the band had a huge task ahead of them with their follow-up, Overcome. How does the album stack up to it’s predecessor and will it stand the test of time? (more…)

all-shall-perish-awakenThere are so many labels for different styles of heavy metal, but I’d have to say my favorite genre name is deathcore. It’s like a death-proof car, something beyond mere ordinariness or an ultra-descriptive genre name like doom metal. It’s pretty much impossible to describe to those not in the know exactly what deathcore is, but I suppose if you wanted to give a 36-minute crash course, you can have them listen to Awaken the Dreamers, the new album from Oakland, Calif., band All Shall Perish. (more…)

blackbutterflyReview by Greg Maki
Buckcherry stormed back onto the rock scene in a big way in 2006 with the release of 15 and the smash hit single “Crazy Bitch.” Named for the number of days it took to record, 15 was the work of a hungry, hard-rocking band. Buckcherry found success with its debut album in 1999, largely due to the can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head single “Lit Up,” but just two years later, the follow-up, Time Bomb, was met mostly with indifference. The point is, there weren’t legions of fans crying out for more Buckcherry. Vocalist Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson reconstituted the band with three new bandmates (guitarist Stevie D., bassist Jimmy Ashhurst and drummer Xavier Muriel) because they still had music in them and Buckcherry is who they are. And 15, which became the band’s first platinum album, is worthy of the success that followed. (more…)

intronautThe first thing you think when listening to L.A. progressive metal band Intronaut is Master of Reality-era Black Sabbath. By the end you think of Tool’s worst excesses. (more…)