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setherial-ekpyrosisJust doing a little research on Swedish black metallers Setherial. They hail from Sundsvall in the central part of Sweden, and just looking at pictures, it seems like a pleasant enough place: lots of trees with a lot of Germanic-influenced architecture.

I say this because the location does not seem to fit a band that looks and sounds like it was sent here straight from hell. Ekpyrosis is big, loud and fast black metal. Their songs range from the punkish sounding (the title track and “The Devouring Eye”) to epic odes to Satan such as the wonderfully titled “The Mournful Sunset of the Forsaken.” How in the world did William Faulkner not think of that title?  (more…)

Dew-incinerateGerman thrashing-death metallers Dew-Scented rip through a ferocious blend of blastbeats, Pantera-style guitar grooves and refuse to concede to anything but sheer brutality on their seventh release, Incinerate. (more…)