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Staind guitarist on the Mass Chaos tour and more

After leaving behind the aggression of its early years and scoring a string of massive hit singles, including “It’s Been Awhile” and “Outside,” Staind returned to its dark, heavy roots on last year’s self-titled album, the band’s seventh and arguably the strongest record of its career. This spring, Staind will co-headline the Mass Chaos tour with its Massachusetts brothers Godsmack, with support from the up-and-coming Halestorm. Guitarist Mike Mushok recently participated in a teleconference with journalists to discuss the tour, the new album and more. (more…)



Halestorm frontwoman on the Mass Chaos tour and more

It’s a good time to be a member of Halestorm. The hard-rocking quartet has sold more than 300,000 copies of its self-titled, debut album, released in 2009; toured the world with some of the biggest names in the business, including Shinedown, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold and Stone Sour; and on April 10, 2012, will release its brilliant second album, The Strange Case of …, which already is burning up airwaves with its first single, “Love Bites (So Do I).” The band will spend the spring on the Mass Chaos tour, co-headlined by Godsmack and Staind. Frontwoman Lzzy Hale recently participated in a teleconference with journalists to discuss the tour, the new album and more. (more…)

Review by Greg Maki
Shinedown’s previous effort, The Sound of Madness (2008), took the band to new heights—into the stratosphere, you might say (to borrow a word from one of its biggest songs). Its accomplishments: more than 1 million copies sold, five hit singles (including a pair of bigtime crossover hits), plus another one from a soundtrack and establishing the band as a bonafide arena headliner.

So even though nearly four years have passed and two of the current band members did not appear on The Sound of Madness (guitarist Zach Myers and bassist Eric Bass), it is no surprise that the follow-up, Amaryllis, sounds an awful lot like that album. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Frontman Brent Smith is one of the best vocalists in rock music today, and the writing is effective enough that each song is distinct and it never sounds as if the band is repeating itself. (more…)

Municipal Waste get "Lost in Space"

Municipal Waste get “Lost in Space”

First they “wasted us all.” Then they “mutated” us and had a party about it. Next, they got all “aggressive” on our ass, and now they’re taking us towhere else?—space. On its latest crossover thrash effort, The Fatal FeastWaste in Space (April 10, 2012, Nuclear Blast), Municipal Waste is the same great band that helped bring thrash metal back in the early 2000s. But after the more serious tone of 2009’s Massive Aggressive, the fun-loving Waste is back, telling a sci-fi zombie horror story with a lot of drinking and partying along the way. Prior to its release, Live Metal’s Jeff Maki talked to vocalist Tony Foresta about the album, perceptions of the band and the state of thrash metal. (more…)

REVIEW: Ministry – ‘Relapse’

Posted: March 23, 2012 by Jeffrey Maki in Reviews
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MIN_Relapse_72dpiReview by Jeff Maki
“I’m headed for relapse!” Al Jourgensen convincingly declares in the title track of Ministry’s 2012 comeback album. And this is coming from the man who revealed in a January 2012 interview with Revolver magazine that he had a Nikki Sixx-like near-death experience in 2010. No word as to whether he was floating above looking down upon his body, which had flatlined, but hasn’t Al always been out of his body and mind anyway? (more…)

Leigh Kakaty of Pop Evil

Leigh Kakaty of Pop Evil

Live photos: Pop Evil, Otherwise, Landsdowne

Review by Greg Maki

Prior to this show, I had seen Pop Evil live a few times, and each time I walked away impressed by the energy and rock ’n’ roll attitude they brought to the stage. But as I was watching them play a headlining set at what has become Live Metal’s home away from home, Baltimore’s Rams Head Live, I remembered those other times they had been an opening act or performing at a festival, with sets short enough that they could get by almost on energy alone.

Extended to 60 minutes, the Pop Evil songbook was stretched a little thin on this night (which was the day before St. Patrick’s Day; maybe the lack of intensity from the crowd was due in part to people gearing up for the big day/night that followed). (more…)


Photos by Greg Maki (more…)


Photos by Greg Maki (more…)


Photos by Greg Maki (more…)

Children of Bodom

Children of Bodom: “Sunday Night, Bodom Night”

Children of Bodom, Eluveitie, Revocation, Threat Signal

By Jeff Maki

Apparently, Children of Bodom has a large following in the Baltimore area. Who knew? We had just been here a month ago when Machine Head played, and for whatever reason, Rams Head Live was barely at half capacity. But this was a Bodom night, and the closing show on the band’s 15th anniversary U.S. tour, so the fans were rabid, packing the venue from top to Bodom. (more…)

Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch: Living the American dream
Guitarist Zoltan Bathory talks ‘American Capitalist’ and more

Five Finger Death Punch just might be the hottest American metal band in 2012. With its most recent album, American Capitalist, debuting last fall at No. 3 on the Billboard Top 200, and singles “Under and Over It” and “Remember Everything” burning up the airwaves, the group continues to reach new heights. Live Metal has supported the band from the beginning, and guitarist Zoltan Bathory recently took time out from planning the group’s summer activities to talk to Greg Maki about the new album, his perspective on Internet haters and more. (more…)