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Flyleaf_New_Horizons_CoverReview by Greg Maki
Eight days before its release, Flyleaf dropped the bomb that New Horizons, its third full-length effort, would be its last album with vocalist Lacey Sturm. (In a letter to fans, the singer cited the birth of her son and the recent death of the band’s longtime audio engineer.) This record then has taken on a much greater level of importance than it would have had otherwise, which feels a little odd considering Flyleaf always has come across as a working-class band that placed more emphasis on its music and message than the individual members. (more…)

COF-manticoreCradle of Filth’s discography can be divided into three eras. In the beginning, there were the underground black metal days that began with The Principle of Evil Made Flesh (1994) and ended around Midian (2000). After this, the symphonic goth-era saw the band reach its peak and expand commercially with a hit video, “Her Ghost in the Fog,” the goth-masterpiece Nymphetamine (2004), then end with the much maligned Thornography (2006). Cradle of Filth now resides in the post-Cradle-era, looking to find a new (or old) direction, or perhaps even reinvent itself. (more…)

btbam-futureIt seemed only natural that Between the Buried and Me would release a concept album about space travel. After all, what’s more prog than space travel?

The surprise is that it pays off so well. (more…)

69eyes-XReview by Jeff Maki
Sadly, with with no more Type O Negative or Ramones, and with fellow countrymen HIM seemingly going through the motions over the course of its past few albums, The 69 Eyes’ 10th album, appropriately titled X, can go a long way in filling this musical void left of leather wearing goth ‘n’ rollers, while chasing plenty of tail along the way. (more…)

Steven Adler "Loses the Appetite"

Steven Adler “Loses the Appetite”

Between his run in Guns N’ Roses and and his own band, Adler’s Appetite, drummer Steven Adler basically has been playing the same album live for 25 years—you guessed it—Appetite for Destruction. Finally, in 2012, Adler has decided to move on, forming a new band named—you guessed it—Adler. The band formed after a chance meeting in Hollywood between Adler and vocalist Jacob Bunton (Lynam, Mars Electric) and Adler’s Appetite guitarist Lonny Paul. From there, things quickly came together and Adler has released its first album, Back from the Dead (November 26, 2012). (more…)