Body Count drop new video for “Black Hoodie”

Posted: March 25, 2017 by Jeffrey Maki in News, Videos
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With less than one week until the release of its sixth album, Bloodlust (March 31, 2017) Body Count (featuring famed-rapper and TV star Ice-T) has dropped a video for what is sure to be another controversial track, “Black Hoodie.” The video is a depiction of the February 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin, in which Ice tells the story from a young, black teen’s perspective. Martin was dressed in a black hoodie when killed by George Zimmerman, causing a massive protest. Watch the video inside and check out some quotes from our recent interview with guitarist Ernie C.

In our recent interview with guitarist Ernie C., he had this to say about Body Count’s message:

That’s what Body Count is. It’s not about taking action. It’s about getting it off your chest and knowing that someone else can have this point of view that you have.

He continued, talking about Ice-T’s lyrical approach on Bloodlust:

It’s like a horror movie. There’s some slasher songs on here. Ice has been watching a lot of horror movies. Like I’ve always said, if he wasn’t a television star, he’d be a mass murderer. It’s one or the other. TV star or slasher. He knows how to be in the third person really good, and he’s good at writing from another perspective. So those songs are really good, and I enjoy ’em a whole lot. They’re entertainment.














iTunes Pre-order:

“Black Hoodie” is also now an instant-grat track downloadable immediately upon pre-ordering Bloodlust.

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