Live Jagrell of Sister Sin performing on the Victory Stage during the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival – July 24, 2015 – Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow, Va.

By now, you should have read our recent article on this summer’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival featuring Victory Stage artists’ responses to Slayer’s Kerry King’s now infamous comments. If not, we kindly direct you to it here. Well, old-school hard rockers Sister Sin played the Victory Stage and vocalist Liv Jagrell chimed in for us, albeit in a nicer way than the others. But the Mayhem controversy wasn’t all we discussed; there were also some things about her band, influences, her posing for publications and more. Here is the complete interview we conducted with the Swedish bombshell.

LIVE METAL: I talked to the guys earlier in Jungle Rot (read here) and then in Kissing Candice, as well, and nobody seems too happy with (recent comments regarding Mayhem Festival made by) Kerry King.

LIV JAGRELL: I think it’s disrespectful, to say the least, while the tour is still going on. I mean he can have his opinion, but he could have waited, at least, until after the tour. And then, of course, it’s our label he’s talking shit about. I don’t think that’s a good thing to say things about other labels and bands. So yeah, I’m not so very fond of him right now, maybe. (laughs)

You guys definitely stand out from the other ones (on Mayhem Fest). You have more of that hard rock edge. But do you consider yourselves a metal band? What’s it like being on this tour with the deathcore and heavier stuff like that?

Yeah, we definitely stand out. We didn’t know if it was going to be good or bad if we stand out, but we think it’s good because people will remember us if we stand out. We’ve gained a lot of new fans, actually. But in the beginning, we were maybe thinking it would not work. But you can see the people get into it while we’re playing. For the first song, they’re like, “What is this? No breakdowns? What the fuck?” And then after a while, they get into it. Then they come up after and tell me how much they appreciate that we’re trying to bring back a little bit of the old-school music.

Yeah, so what are your influences? To me, you have an ’80s rock influence.

Yeah, absolutely. It was Priest, Accept, Motorhead, W.A.S.P. and all those bands.

You have some big choruses, big riffs and rhythms that really remind me of the ’80s. That’s really not too common today.

Not out here (in the U.S.), at least. In Europe and in Sweden, there have always been like a lot of true heavy metal fans, like the old-school type, and there’s a lot more bands playing that type of music.

The music is cool today, but I’m 38 years old, and in a lot of ways, I miss some of that straightforward rock. You just don’t hear it anymore.

With the catchy chorus!

So are you trying to bring it back?

Yeah, we are definitely trying to bring it back. But as I say, in Sweden, that kind of music is bigger.

So your latest album (Black Lotus, Oct. 27, 2014, Victory Records) came out late last year. So what was the initial response to the release?

Very good. It seems like most of our fans really enjoy it and think it’s the best record so far that we do.

So what’s next for Sister Sin after Mayhem Fest?

We’re going back over to Europe and doing some shows, the Summer Breeze Festival, some other smaller festivals, then we’re probably going to do a European tour later this fall.

So what bands have stood out for you on this year’s Mayhem Fest?

Of course, I think that King Diamond stands out, too. But also, he’s more of the old school but in another way. But as for the bands on our stage, I’d say Jungle Rot.

Haven’t you been involved with some of Revolver‘s Hottest Chicks magazines and other stuff like that?

Yeah, a couple of times, and we did a tour with In This Moment.

Liv-Jagrell-Penthouse-577x1000Did you have any reservations for that or did you just see it as another building block for the band?

I understand and respect (former vocalist) Angela (Gossow) from Arch Enemy because she doesn’t do those things. And I respect her very much for doing that. She has her thoughts about it, but for me, I have no problems about it. I’ve modeled before, and I’m used to it. I mean if you do that, you’re selling your product and I can show part of the product. So for me, I’m honored—I’m mostly honored. I understand her side, but I’m honored.

I remember when Angela said that people shouldn’t see it as “female-fronted” metal but just another metal band and that it should all be equal.

Absolutely, and I totally understand. But for me, I know that publicity is publicity and that’s good. More people equals more fans.

I think we’ve covered everything. Is there anything else you’d like to say about Sister Sin?

Come out and see us and pick up the album and enjoy.


Jeff enjoys satanic death metal and may still be banned from Canada.

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