Revisited: Metal and Hard Rock Musicians pick their favorite Halloween songs

Posted: October 28, 2015 by Jeffrey Maki in Editorials, Lists
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Metal and Hard Rock Musicians pick their favorite Halloween songs for the season

Metal and horror go hand in hand. Since its inception, heavy metal has invoked themes of horror and the occult, starting with the legends themselves, Black Sabbath. Through the years, we’ve seen many legendary rock, metal and punk bands embrace horror, as well, such as the Misfits, Alice Cooper, King Diamond, Helloween, and arguably the most popular Halloween-themed band of all-time, Type O Negative. So we figured why not ask the burning question to a whole bunch of rock and metal bands: “What is your favorite Halloween song of all-time?” What we got in response was a bag of trick and treats so big, including the bands I mentioned above and a lot more. Happy Halloween! View the list inside.

JYRKI69 of The 69 Eyes
“When the Moon Is Full” by Teeze
I was getting smashed & trashed in New York City’s hot glammy night life in the summer of 1988 and ran into this psychedelic glam girl at the Limelight Rock ‘n Roll Church. After the summer she sent me a Happy Halloween package to Finland and it had a tape inside which started with this song.

JOHN ALLEN of Charm City Devils
“Hells Bells” by AC/DC

“Zombie Ritual” by Death
“We don’t really do Halloween in Europe like you do in North America, although it does seem to be picking up in popularity in recent years. Anyhow, my favorite scary metal tune would be ‘Zombie Ritual’ by Death off their legendary debut album, Scream Bloody Gore. It’s an amazing song and it’d probably scare the living shit out of the kids knocking on your door.”

“Welcome to My Nightmare” by Alice Cooper
“Right now, it would be ‘The Devil You Know’ and ‘Fight ‘Em Till Can’t’ (both by Anthrax)—those are my zombie songs. I don’t really have any Halloween song. Alice Cooper was always good during Halloween, ‘Welcome to My Nightmare.’”

RYAN BENNETT of Eye Empire
“This Is Halloween” by Marilyn Manson
“‘This Is Halloween’ by Marilyn Manson, cover of the theme song for Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. It has always been considered one of my favorite soundtracks. To capture the essence of Danny Elfman, such a killer composer and songwriter, is an amazing feat. Definitely a great rock artist to capture the spirit of another amazing and influential artist of this era.”

“Black Sabbath” by Black Sabbath
“One of my favorite songs to listen to during the Halloween season would have to be ‘Black Sabbath’ by (of course) Black Sabbath.

“The song has a very eerie feel to it. The intro is something straight out of a horror film. The ringing of a church bell with the sound of rain and thunder is enough to set the mood, but when you hear Ozzy’s vocals come in, it gives it a campfire story feel to it. Listening to the lyrics, you can hear why it suits this holiday so well.

“According to the band, the song was inspired by an experience that Geezer Butler had related to Ozzy Osbourne. In the days of Earth, Geezer Butler painted his apartment matte black, placed several inverted crucifixes and put many pictures of Satan on the walls. Osbourne gave Butler a book about witchcraft. He read the book and placed the book on a shelf before going to sleep. When he woke up, he claims he saw a large black figure standing at the end of his bed. The figure disappeared and Butler went to get the book, only to find that the book was gone. He then told Osbourne, who wrote the lyrics to the song.

“So, when you’re out hanging on the porch handing out candies to the kiddies, crank up some Black Sabbath and give the kids a REAL treat this Halloween! LISTEN TO BLACK SABBATH!”

RICHARD CHRISTY of Charred Walls of the Damned
Halloween” by King Diamond
“Definitely the song ‘Halloween’ by King Diamond. The lyrics ‘Every night to me is Halloween,’ that pretty much describes my life. This is my favorite time of the year. I love the chill in the air. I love going to haunted houses. I love horror movies. I love horror music. This time of the year, I listen to King Diamond every day. I listened to The Eye today to get psyched up—in a couple weeks I’m going to Salem, Mass., where the witch trials were. I always listen to The Eye to get psyched up to go to Salem. That song, ‘Halloween’ by King Diamond, pretty much sums up the greatest day of the year, which is Halloween, and I freakin’ love it.”

“I Love the Dead” by Alice Cooper
“‘I Love the Dead’ by Alice Cooper. I think it’s self-explanatory.”

PHIL DEMMEL of Machine Head
“Evil Has No Boundaries” by Slayer
“The first time I saw Slayer, in 1983, they came out to the theme from Halloween, and they went right in to ‘Evil Has No Boundaries.’ Every time I think of Halloween, I think of that Slayer show and ‘Evil Has No Boundaries.’”

JOHN J.D. DESERVIO of Black Label Society/Cycle of Pain
Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath
“Anything off the first Black Sabbath record is totally fitting.”

OL DRAKE of Evile
“Halloween” by Helloween
“‘Halloween’ by Helloween because it goes on for eight years and has the most amazing hooks in it. (Michael) Kiske is a legend.”

ERIC EMERY of Concordia
“This Is Halloween” by Marilyn Manson
My favorite Halloween related rock song would probably be Marilyn Manson’s cover of “This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas. That is one of my all-time favorite movies and I think he did a fantastic job at remaking the song—especially capturing all of the subtle nuances and sounds from the original.

AARON GAINER of 12 Stones
Keeper of the Seven Keys by Helloween
I would say my favorite rock or metal Halloween song ever would be any song on the records Keeper of the Seven Keys – I believe it’s called, by the band Helloween! I still listen to those records sometimes.

“Summer Breeze” by Type O Negative
“‘Summer Breeze’ by Type O Negative. Possibly one of the creepiest remakes EVER. RIP Peter Steele. This one’s for you, dude. Happy Halloween!”

JAMES HART of Burn Halo
“A Little Piece of Heaven” by Avenged Sevenfold.
“This is the standout track off the ‘White Album’ by A7X. Lyrically, it paints a deadly love story. The man keeps his woman alive and does unspeakable things to her corpse. Musically, the track is haunting. It sounds like something that could’ve been composed by Danny Elfman for a Tim Burton animated film. This song to me is a musical masterpiece.”

RICK JIMENEZ of This Is Hell
“Halloween” and “Halloween II” by the Misfits.
“Definitely a cliché answer, but they’re both so eerie. The lyrics are everything evil and absurd that could happen on Halloween. Add to the creepiness, the guitars being slightly out of tune. Whether that was done on purpose or not, who is to know, but it makes it so much cooler. Latin is also one really fucked up language. It even creeped me out on the TV show Lost, so (Glenn) Danzig from the ‘80s speaking it is obviously that much more radical.”

“Hells Bells” by AC/DC.
“Around Halloween was the first time my stepsister played me ‘Hells Bells.’ I must’ve been 12 or 13, no better time than to start a love affair with the SG and one of the baddest bands ever.”

BC KOCHMIT of Eye Empire
“Halloween” by Helloween.
“I just remember rollin’ to haunted houses with all my buddies and jamming this tune in the car. Good times. Very fitting for Halloween obviously. Cool video, too. … What’s not to love about hair metal and zombies in the woods?”

“Halloween” by The Misfits
“The answer is obvious: The Misfits’ ‘Halloween.’ Sure, it’s not the most original answer, but no on can deny it was the anthem of mischievous adolescents everywhere.”

GREG MAKI of Live Metal
“Happily Ever Cadaver” by Wednesday 13
I load an extensive Halloween playlist onto my iPod each year, filled with the usual suspects–Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson. But my favorite artist for the season is Wednesday 13. More than anyone else I’ve heard, his entire body of work, whether it’s with Murderdolls or solo, is a celebration of this wonderful holiday. The song that always comes to mind first is “Happily Ever Cadaver,” from his 2006 album Fang Bang. It’s such a bouncy, happy tune–jaunty even–yet he’s singing about necrophilia. Delightfully twisted and tongue in cheek. Just perfect.

JEFF MAKI of Live Metal
“Black No.1 (Little Miss Scare-All)” by Type O Negative
There’s no way you could influence me on this one. Type O Negative’s “Black No.1 (Little Miss Scare-All)” is No.1 for me. You easily could pick the Bloody Kisses album from start to finish, as it’s the best Halloween-themed metal album of all time. It’s so damn good it’s actually strange to listen to when it’s not this time of year. So with that, I think Type O Negative will win the bag of trick and treats for most popular pick in this list.

DEAN MILLER of No Redeeming Social Value
“Monster Mash” by Bobby Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers
“My all-time favorite Halloween song (and actually my favorite song of all-time) is ‘Monster Mash’ by Bobby Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers (1962 version). The song not only captures the spirit of Halloween, and makes all the creeps wanna dance, but it’s a timeless classic that is easily recognizable and NEVER forgotten. When I hear this song, I just wanna jump up outta my grave and eat brains. There are many cover versions of this song; the best one being Murphy’s Law’s version, recorded in ‘96 (too bad it was never officially released). I have the original version on my iPod and I ‘monster mosh’ to it year round. A truly unforgettable song.”

“Black No.1 (Little Miss Scare-All)” by Type O Negative
“Black No. 1 by Type O Negative. It reminds me of all the goth girls I dated back in the day who died their hair blue-black.”

DANI NOLDEN of Shadowside
“Feed My Frankenstein” by Alice Cooper
“A few songs came to mind, like Meatloaf’s ‘Bat Out of Hell,’ but Alice Cooper is the Halloween man for me. ‘Feed My Frankenstein’ to be more specific. Great song and it has the monster, it has the fun, perfect for the adult-themed Halloween party. Complimented by the show he puts on, it’s scary for the kids (and to people that hate rock music and think we’re all possessed by the devil) and entertaining to us rockers.”

ANDERS NYSTROM of Katatonia 
“Wolfmoon” by Type O Negative
It used to be Bathory’s “Raise the Dead” for many years, but I think that has been replaced by “Wolfmoon” from Type O Negative’s October Rust album. First time I heard it was around Halloween 1996 so it kinda resembles that exact time and special vibe every time I hear it. It’s not a party track or anything, but it’s my own soundtrack for All Hallows Eve for sure! It’s actually one of my all-time favorite songs in general! Now it kinda dawns on me now Type O has been flirting with Hallows Eve a lot over the years, but perhaps, playing “Raise the Dead” would honor Pete Steele’s memory better this year though …

ZAC OHLER of Strong Intention
“Halloween Movie Theme” by John Carpenter
“For a song in general, I always loved the theme for the actual movie HalloweenIt’s creepy as hell and so powerful that you were afraid to look over your shoulder in fear that Michael Myers was there waiting for you … and Donald Pleasence is nowhere to be found.”

“1960 Cadillac Hearse” by Radio Werewolf
“This is the ultimate soundtrack to a rock ‘n roll Halloween party in the cemetery.”

“Voodoo” by Black Sabbath
“It’s Sabbath, goes perfectly with Halloween. “Bring me your children, they’ll burn.” That’s pretty darn evil in my book. Alice In Chains, “Angry Chair.” Completely demented riff and vocal melodies. Dark and incendiary … Love it. Downtread, “Don’t Get Weak.” It’s sinister, dark and heavy the opening verse sets the stage:” Pleased to meet you, step inside, were going to burn this place alive before we die.”

JONNY SANTOS of Silent Civilian/Spineshank
“Halloween” by the Misfits
“‘Halloween’ by the Misfits is by far my fave. To me, it’s the flipside of the fun, candy-filled way we see it. It’s, to me, what Halloween really is. It’s the true evil, ugly side of who we are as humans and what lives inside of some of us.”

The Munsters Theme Song
“My all time favorite Halloween song is … The Munsters theme song! I don’t really know of many heavy metal Halloween songs. The Munsters and the theme song rule to me because it’s very Rockabilly, 60’s dragster scene and a fucking family who are all based on the classic monsters. How fucking badass is that?!”

TELOCH of Nidingr
“Halloween” by the Misfits
The only Halloween song I know about is “Halloween” by the Misfits, and I like it because I sometimes like Misfits.

Jeff enjoys satanic death metal and may still be banned from Canada.

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