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Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom

LIVE PHOTOS: Children of Bodom, Abbath, Exmortus, Oni
Review by Greg Maki
With four bands from four different countries, Children of Bodom’s I Worship Chaos tour was an international affair. Even better, each act brought a very different sound to the stage, making for a pleasantly diverse night of metal in Baltimore.

The progressive metal stylings of Oni, from Canada, kicked off the evening. This is an interesting, talented band that hasn’t quite put it all together yet, but it was fun watching them as they’re figuring out how the pieces fit. Guitarists Martin Andres and Brandon White each can shred with the best of them, and the band’s secret weapon is John “D” on the xylosynth, a sort of electric xylophone that hasn’t been used in metal before. Vocalist Jake Oni’s clean singing complemented the music better than his barks and growls, but this definitely is a band to keep an eye on as it matures. (more…)

Photos by Greg Maki (more…)

Children Of Bodom

Children Of Bodom

Finnish Metal Superstars Children Of Bodom will embark on a 21-date North American tour with special guests iconic black metal artist Abbath, California-based metal act Exmortus, and Canada’s progressive metallers Oni. The trek presented by The Noise will commence in Quebec on November 23 and will hit 3 Canadian cities as well as Chicago, San Francisco, New York, and conclude in Brooklyn on December 19th. View tour dates and info inside! (more…)

Abbath to headline the Decibel 2016 Tour

Abbath to headline the 2016 Decibel Magazine Tour

Over the last four years, Decibel Magazine has redefined what a metal tour can accomplish. Creative and ambitious curation has unified artists from far reaches of the extreme universe who would never have the opportunity to tour North America together. The 2016 Decibel Magazine Tour continues that proud tradition, as Norwegian black metal legend Abbath takes his new band of the same name to war with Bay Area metallic institution High on Fire, Ohio thrash powerhouse Skeletonwitch and Swedish progressive black/death prodigies Tribulation (with regional openers in select markets to be announced soon). See tour dates inside. (more…)

immortal-all-shall-fallSince the release of their first demo in 1990, Norway’s Immortal has been one of the most important black metal bands. And no, not only because of their now notorious band promo shots with the boys decked out in leather, spikes and ridiculous black metal garb. Though not Satanists, Immortal lives by the true black metal code—the famous corpse paint, band monikers, and an underground, occult status and way of life. True to following the code, they don’t want to be liked. More importantly, they don’t want you to like them. They’ve now only released one album in seven years, played only a handful of live shows and have had the all-too-common revolving cast of characters in the band. They see themselves as a kvlt underground act and want to keep it that way. They recently even turned down a nomination for a “Spellemann” award, which is often referred to as the Norwegian equivalent of a Grammy. No, Immortal doesn’t want you to like them, so you know what—I won’t. (more…)