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Few bands today embody the pure rock ‘n’ roll spirit as fully as Airbourne. As drummer Ryan O’Keeffe told us, there was no alternative career path, no plan B. In late September, frontman Joel O’Keeffe injured his ankle in a fall from the stage, but there was no quitting. He finished the song, the show and the tour. Rock ‘n’ roll is in these Australians’ blood, and there’s no turning back for them. The band’s fourth album, Breakin’ Outta Hell, released Sept. 23, is filled with the same kind of loud, brazen, bluesy party anthems found on its first three efforts. Some things are better left unchanged. Airbourne wrapped up its U.S. headlining tour in October in Baltimore, and Live Metal’s Greg Maki sat down on the band’s bus with Ryan O’Keeffe to discuss the new record and more. (more…)

From left: Eddie Veliz of Kyng, David Gunn of KING 810 and Rob Halford of Judas Priest.

From left: Eddie Veliz of Kyng, David Gunn of KING 810 and Rob Halford of Judas Priest.

By Greg Maki

Time to look back on another year that was in hard rock and metal. I don’t expect everyone—especially not a lot of very vocal online metal fans—to agree with what you’re about to read, but isn’t that part of what makes this sort of thing so much fun? I veer toward the hard rock side of metal, mostly staying away from the more extreme varieties (I’m sure my brother, Jeff, will cover some of that on his list), and I’m not claiming these are the best albums of 2014, end of discussion. No, these are simply the releases I enjoyed the most and have found myself going back to over and over this year. And oh yeah, rock is not dead. (more…)


Rock on the Range 2012. Photos by Greg Maki. (more…)

Airbourne-NoGutsNoGloryReview by Greg Maki
There is no other way to say it: If you’ve heard Airbourne’s superb, fist-pumping love letter to rock ‘n’ roll and everything that goes with it, their 2008 album Runnin’ Wild, you’ve heard the Australian quartet’s follow-up, No Guts, No Glory. The biggest difference is that instead of standing up for rock ‘n’ roll, this time they’re raising a flag for it.

Here’s the funny part: That’s not a bad thing. In fact, I might be disappointed if that were not the case. After all, would you tell someone who owns Highway to Hell not to buy Back in Black? Or vice versa? (more…)

Black IceReview by Greg Maki
A few song titles: “Rock ’n’ Roll Train,” “She Likes Rock ’n’ Roll,” “Rock ’n’ Roll Dream,” “Rocking All the Way.”

This can mean only one thing: AC/DC has a new album. (more…)



Rock ‘n’ roll fans rejoice! Rock will never die as long as bands like Australias Airbourne are here to breathe new life into it. The band’s debut album, Runnin’ Wild, now available in the United States via Roadrunner Records, is an instant classic, a disc that rocks with a bravado and enthusiasm not seen since Bon Scott’s heyday. The AC/DC comparison is unavoidable, especially since Airbourne, too, features a pair of brothers at its core, vocalist/guitarist Joel O’Keeffe and drummer Ryan O’Keeffe. But one listen to Runnin’ Wild is enough to know this is no copycat act.

Guitarist David Roads and bassist Justin Street round out the quartet, which recently moved its base of operations to the United States to focus on reaching the American and European audiences. During the band’s headlining tour with Endeverafter and StoneRider, Joel checked in with Live Metal’s Greg Maki to discuss his band’s sound and influences, the new album and more. Get to know them now because you’re going to hear a lot more from them very soon. (more…)

Untitled-2Review by Greg Maki
Alright people welcome to the show
Are you ready to rock? Are you ready to go?
Yeah we’ve got what you want and we’ve got what you need
So get your arse down here n’ let your ears bleed
C’mon drink your beer and drink your wine
Let’s have a good time
We’re ready, so get ready
We’re gonna rock, rock tonight
Stand up for rock n’ roll!

Now who can argue with any of that? Why would you want to? (more…)