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ragnarok_psychoReview by Jeff Maki
Have you ever listened to so much extreme metal that everything starts to sound like Morbid Angel? They really were the forefathers of extreme metal, weren’t they? “Dominance & Submission,” the opening track of Norwegian black metal band Ragnarok’s eighth album, Psychopathology, instantly brought the legends to mind. Then there was the oncoming apocalypse that is Ragnarok. (more…)

Belgium’s leading black metal force, Enthroned, returns with a new studio album entitled, Sovereigns. The follow up to the critically acclaimed, Obsidium (2012), is scheduled for a worldwide April 15 release via Agonia Records. Album art and tracklisting inside (more…)

enthroned-obsidiumI’m not going to dive into Enthroned’s turbulent 19-year history, which seems to be the norm for a black metal band. If you’re curious, you can look it up. I had not truly listened to an album by these Belgium overlords in its entirety prior to their eighth overall release, Pentagrammaton (2010), an album I deemed “a black metal blast from the past.” Now with Obsidium, Enthroned are becoming my “go-to” for quality in black metal. (more…)