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Review by Jeff Maki
When I interviewed vocalist Eddie Hermida in October 2015 (read here), the band was opening for Korn on its self-titled album’s 20th anniversary tour (read review). Produced by Ross Robinson—the producer of the new Suicide Silence album, as well—that album changed the face of metal. Even in the Mitch Lucker-era, the band showed its admiration for Korn, as the band’s 2011 album, The Black Crown had obvious influences. But this new album isn’t strictly influenced by Korn—it takes Robinson’s body of work, combined with Suicide Silence’s vision, and the band undergoes a complete metamorphosis. (more…)

California death metal maestros Suicide Silence have released the official music video for the song “Inherit The Crown” which can be viewed inside. The song comes off the band’s most recent album, You Can’t Stop Me, which was released this past summer.  (more…)

You_Can't_Stop_Me_(Suicide_Silence)Review by Jeff Maki
Former Suicide Silence vocalist Mitch Lucker’s accident that claimed his life on Halloween night 2012 was tragic and unimaginable for his band and family to endure. Many probably figured it was the end for Suicide Silence and rightfully so. But in the following months, after a grieving period and a tribute show for Lucker, the band announced its intention to continue, ultimately recruiting All Shall Perish frontman Eddie Hermida to “Inherit the Crown.”


The video for “You Can’t Stop Me,” the title track off Suicide Silence’s upcoming album of the same name & the very last song with lyrics penned by late vocalist Mitch Lucker can be viewed inside. Returning to the director’s chair after two Suicide Silence videos – 2011’s “You Only Live Once” & 2012’s “Slaves To Substance” – is Nathan Cox (Marilyn Manson, DevilDriver). (more…)

Suicide Silence: "Hardcore Gangstas"

Suicide Silence: “Hardcore Gangstas”

While I watched Suicide Silence open for Machine Head in Baltimore, Md., I couldn’t help thinking these guys remind me of a more hardcore, gangsta Korn onstage. With the bouncing groove that backs their violent combination of deathcore and technical breakdowns, maybe this band is as much nu-metal as it is metalcore. It turns out I was right. When talking to drummer Alex Lopez backstage, he told me nu-metal and bands like Korn and Deftones were indeed a huge influence on Suicide Silence. Alex also talked about touring with Machine Head and the primary differences in playing the Vans Warped Tour and the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. (more…)

Machine Head: "A Ten Ton Hammer Hits Baltimore"

Machine Head: “A Ten Ton Hammer Hits Baltimore”

Machine Head, Suicide Silence, Darkest Hour

By Jeff Maki

Whether they were opening for Metallica in Washington, D.C., in 2009 or headlining the side stage at the 2011 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival in Camden, N.J., 20- to 30-minute sets did not do Machine Head justice. Before 2009, I have to go back to Ozzfest ’97, which wasn’t a full set either, for the last time I had seen the band live. Vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn even addressed the crowd at Rams Head Live, saying this was the band’s first time back to Baltimore in more than four years. Long story short, after releasing two metal masterpieces in The Blackening and Unto the Locust in the past five years, we were overdue for a proper headlining set by Machine Head. (more…)