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Chuck Billy of Testament

LIVE PHOTOS: Testament, Sepultura
Review by Jeff Maki
It’s been 30 years since the formation of Bay Area thrashers, Testament—30 years since it released its debut album, The Legacy. The band’s current label, Nuclear Blast Records,also is celebrating its 30-year anniversary. And let’s not forget the fantastic new album, The Brotherhood of the Snake (read review). It was the perfect storm for Testament—forever in the shadows of “The Big Four”—to showcase its own impressive discography and different eras of the band. After 30 years and thousands of live shows, this one could have been its last—it was that good! (more…)

Photos by Greg Maki (more…)

Testament_Brotherhood-coverReview by Jeff Maki
After The Gathering was released in 1999, Testament went on an extended hiatus, not returning until 2008 with The Formation of Damnation. That album and its successor,  Dark Roots of Earth (2012), weren’t just comeback albums, they also saw Testament honing its strengths: Chuck Billy’s powerful, melodic vocals, Alex Skolnick’s guitar playing, songs with catchy hooks, and lyrics that were intelligent and aware. It’s Testament’s classic thrash metal style, only modernized. After years of chasing after other leading metal bands, whether it was Metallica in the late ’80s and early ’90s, or Fear Factory and Machine Head in the late ’90s, Testament finally came to the conclusion that it is a legendary band in its own right. So does Brotherhood of the Snake stand up to Testament’s recent output? (more…)


Photos by Greg Maki (more…)

testament-formationGrowing up, I was a huge fan of Testament. Right alongside Megadeth, Metallica and, later, Sepultura and Pantera, they were a musical passion of mine and largely responsible for getting me into metal. The band has been in existence for 25 years and its career has culminated with The Formation of Damnation. This album sounds exactly as you’d expect Testament to sound in 2008. It’s like a modernized take on their albums The New OrderPractice What You Preach and Souls of Black. Is it as good as those albums? Probably not, but the band has taken the heavy, brutal sound of today’s best metal bands (more…)