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Chino Moreno

Deftones and Rise Against have announced a joint tour for 2017. The bands will embark on dates around North America through June and early July, with Thrice supporting. Check out the full itinerary inside now. Deftones’ last album, Gore, arrived in 2016. Rise Against’s most recent album, The Black Market was released in 2014 debuting at No.1 on Billboard’s Top Rock Albums with 53,000 copies sold. (more…)

It was the early ’90s. Seemingly out of nowhere, a little grunge band called Nirvana began outselling massive commercial artists like Michael Jackson. This immediately caught the attention of the giant record companies. These small underground bands branded as “alternative” or “post-punk” went from being inconsequential to being potential behemoths in record sales—and the hunt began.

Hungrily sweeping for the next Nirvana, a buying frenzy ensued as small indie labels were bought out by the commercial labels on a never before seen scale. A&R execs would see random alt-rock bands perform in a bar and appear after their set offering unheard of financial offers and immediate global exposure. It seemed these band members were set for life. So what happened?

Verity is revealed in Underground Inc.: The Unsung Story of Alternative Rock, an upcoming documentary on the alternative punk and metal scene in the ’90s. Told by the artists who pioneered a sonic subculture, this feature-length documentary tells the real story of the ’90s, exposing viewers to a catalog of the era’s rarities and buried treasures, while reliving the struggles, triumphs and tragedies, as well as the debauchery. Underground Inc. will dig beneath the manufactured truth to explore what really happened, exploring a time unlike any other in the music industry. (more…)

diamondeyesThe last decade was a crazy one for the Deftones. After the commercial breakthrough of 2000’s White Pony, the band nearly broke up during the recording of 2003’s self-titled album and then took three more years to release the uneven Saturday Night Wrist. The band planned a quick follow-up called Eros, but the recording was scrapped after a car accident left bassist Chi Cheng in a coma. Combine that with frontman Chino Moreno’s battles with substance abuse and work on side project Team Sleep, and the band’s future seemed up in the air. (more…)

HIM-VenusDoomSo Bam Margera’s favorite sons of “love metal” are back with their new opus, Venus Doom, an album that mildly strays from HIM’s more recent pop-oriented material and pays tribute to some of the most important doom-metal bands of the early ’90s, namely Type O Negative and Paradise Lost. While saying Venus Doom is heavy may be somewhat of a stretch, it does feature elements of the band’s earlier recordings that made them a name in the first place (even before the Margera factor). A good portion of the pop sensability is noticeably absent, but the band should earn back respectability, given their stubbornness to easily create a mainstream record. (more…)

HIM-uneasy-1Recorded between 1999 and 2006, Uneasy Listening is a collection of rare tracks, alternate versions and acoustic renditions of some of HIM’s best known songs. If you’re familiar with the band’s Single Collection, you’ll find a few of those b-sides on this release. Other songs here previously could be found across the Net and in peer-to-peer sharing programs. For die-hard HIM fans, it’s nice to finally have these songs ready and available on one organized recording. (more…)

faith_no_more_the_real_thingIt was 1989, and for many of us, the music video “Epic” was our introduction to Faith No More. These guys were clearly a bunch of weirdos, but that song and video were infectious as hell. You have this singer in high-top sneakers and funky, bright-colored ’80s clothes, a strange looking guitarist with nerdy glasses, and keyboards. And let’s not forget the infamous flopping fish at the end of the video, an image burned into the minds of millions of people. What was this band? Rap? Rock? Metal? Elements of each are in the song. I wasn’t sure what to think at first, but something drove me and many others to purchase the album. (more…)