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The Live Metal moniker can pigeonhole us at times. Would I ever change it? No—I’m a metalhead and fucking proud of it. Metal is in my blood. But if you’ve been a reader of our site during its near decade of existence, you’re probably aware we’ve been known to branch out on occasion. Greg covers the Vans Warped Tour every summer, and I’ve always had a love of hardcore punk, along with a lot of ’90s alternative music. This may sound cliche, but it’s not about what’s trendy or being cool, or living up to some sort of imaginary underground status—good music is good music, no matter what the genre. Plus, when you’ve sat face to face with Behemoth, Megadeth, Max Cavalera and In Flames over the years (to name a few), I think I can be granted a little leeway here.

So now that I’m done unnecessarily defending myself, let me tell you about Awolnation. (more…)

The Offspring are excited to announce the release of a new song called “Coming For You“. A digital single is available now at in MP3/Lossless/FLAC formats and the song is also now available via Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and other digital services. The Offspring will continue to tour worldwide in 2015 starting with an April 4th show in Tempe, AZ (Tickets Here) with more dates to be announced soon. Listen inside now! (more…)

DSO-pinataThe backstory of Diablo Swing Orchestra is so preposterous it just might be true. It claims the members are direct descendants of “The Devil’s Orchestra,” one that existed in Sweden in the later half of the 16th century, and became enemies of the church. They eventually were banned from playing, accused of being devil worshipers and spawn of Satan. A bounty was put out, leading to their capture and then hanging. But before this, they made a pact in sealed envelopes, giving their descendants the task of reuniting the orchestra in 500 years.

So that brings us to the present and the Diablo Swing Orchestra—the descendants of The Devil’s Orchestra, except I don’t think “swing” existed in the 16th century. Can you imagine trying to swing dance in some of the attire worn in those times?

The name says it all—this is exactly how this band sounds, yet it’s really unlike anything you have ever heard. So many bands try to experiment with so many styles and subgenres of music on an album that it ends up sounding like a technical, schizophrenic mess. Not Diablo Swing Orchestra. This is the soundtrack you’ve yet to hear to your Halloween party. This is the album that’s going to make you say, “Why has no one else ever done this?” (more…)

thomas_giles_pulse_albumcoverBetween albums, Between the Buried and Me frontman Tommy Rogers released his first solo effort, officially the first offering from the band since they left Victory Records to sign with Metal Blade.

Rogers, going under his given first and middle names, produces a trippy, keyboard-based record that allows him to do a bit more singing than he does in BTBAM. There are no gutteral growls on Pulse. Those expecting to find BTBAM-lite are barking up the wrong tree. This is an outlet for Rogers to do some songs that wouldn’t fit in BTBAM. (more…)

autumn-altitudeDutch female-fronted band Autumn is back with its second album for Metal Blade Records. Altitude follows 2007’s My New Time and the main difference this time around is new vocalist Marjan Welman, who is most known for her appearance on Ayreon’s album 01011001. She replaces Nienke de Jong, who I thought was a rising talent on My New Time. (more…)

autumn-my-new-timeMy New Time is the third album from Dutch female-fronted rock act Autumn. Their debut album, When Lust Evokes The Curse (2002), helped get the band exposure throughout the Netherlands and internationally, as they played numerous festivals and opened for another Dutch band, Within Temptation. Their second release, At Summer’s End, continued on the same path of success, but more recently, founding member and bass player Meindert Sterk departed the band. But Autumn has emerged with a lasting, memorable album due to the amazing vocal performance of Nienke de Jong. (more…)

monster-magnet_4-way-diabloDave Wyndorf and company have returned with a trademark Monster Magnet album in 4-Way Diablo. This is rock n’ roll baby! Raw, uncensored and uncut—no overproduction or studio effects and it shows with the loose, classic rock feel. In fact, according to Wyndorf, most of the songs were recorded in only one or two takes. (more…)

faith_no_more_the_real_thingIt was 1989, and for many of us, the music video “Epic” was our introduction to Faith No More. These guys were clearly a bunch of weirdos, but that song and video were infectious as hell. You have this singer in high-top sneakers and funky, bright-colored ’80s clothes, a strange looking guitarist with nerdy glasses, and keyboards. And let’s not forget the infamous flopping fish at the end of the video, an image burned into the minds of millions of people. What was this band? Rap? Rock? Metal? Elements of each are in the song. I wasn’t sure what to think at first, but something drove me and many others to purchase the album. (more…)