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Chris Cornell

Live Metal is devastated by the passing of Chris Cornell last night in Detroit. He was one of the most amazing voices and songwriters in any genre of music, in any generation. Honoring his family’s request for privacy, we will not report or comment on any rumors or unofficial information regarding his death. Instead, we will celebrate his life with the many hours of great music he gave us with Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave and as a solo artist.

At Live Metal, we were lucky enough to see and photograph Chris multiple times, including less than two weeks ago at Carolina Rebellion and last summer on his solo acoustic tour, one of the best shows we’ve ever seen. He had lost none of his inhuman range as a vocalist, and his most recent release, his 2015 solo album Higher Truth, is one of his finest works. Another one of the greats gone too soon.

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Street Sweeper Social Club: Tom Morello, left, and Boots Riley

Street Sweeper Social Club: Tom Morello, left, and Boots Riley

Tom Morello, best known as the guitarist of Rage Against the Machine, wasted little time before starting a new band after the break-up of Audioslave. He turned to Boots Riley, a rapper best known for his critically acclaimed work with The Coup, and Street Sweeper Social Club was born. With their self-titled debut album in stores and fresh off a summer amphitheater tour with Nine Inch Nails and Jane’s Addiction, Boots called in to talk to Live Metal’s Greg Maki about the new record, the messages behind his songs, the roots of his political activism and more. (more…)

Carry_On_(Chris_Cornell_album)Review by Greg Maki
I firmly believe Chris Cornell is one of the most important voices in rock music over the past two decades. So it pains me now to hear him straining as he reaches for the high register that is his trademark. Most of the time, he still sounds amazing. But too often for my liking, he strikes me as someone doing a topnotch impersonation of the former Soundgarden and Audioslave singer. He sounds an awful lot like the Chris Cornell we have come to know over the years, but the magic that made him one of the best ever remains just beyond his reach. He sounds human now, which maybe is what he’s going for judging by the cover of Carry On, his second solo outing. (more…)