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It was the early ’90s. Seemingly out of nowhere, a little grunge band called Nirvana began outselling massive commercial artists like Michael Jackson. This immediately caught the attention of the giant record companies. These small underground bands branded as “alternative” or “post-punk” went from being inconsequential to being potential behemoths in record sales—and the hunt began.

Hungrily sweeping for the next Nirvana, a buying frenzy ensued as small indie labels were bought out by the commercial labels on a never before seen scale. A&R execs would see random alt-rock bands perform in a bar and appear after their set offering unheard of financial offers and immediate global exposure. It seemed these band members were set for life. So what happened?

Verity is revealed in Underground Inc.: The Unsung Story of Alternative Rock, an upcoming documentary on the alternative punk and metal scene in the ’90s. Told by the artists who pioneered a sonic subculture, this feature-length documentary tells the real story of the ’90s, exposing viewers to a catalog of the era’s rarities and buried treasures, while reliving the struggles, triumphs and tragedies, as well as the debauchery. Underground Inc. will dig beneath the manufactured truth to explore what really happened, exploring a time unlike any other in the music industry. (more…)

Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswitch Engage

Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswitch Engage

Review by Greg Maki

You can read all you want about the Warped Tour, look at the seemingly endless list of bands on the bill year after year, but until you’ve seen the fleet of trucks, buses and RVs parked at the venue and experienced the whole extravaganza yourself, there’s no way to grasp the enormity of it. Eight stages, 80 bands, and as far as I could tell, every one of them hit the stage almost exactly at their appointed set time. (The stagehands could teach the employees of my local movie theater a thing or two.)

The area between stages was filled with booths for the various bands (most of whom appeared for autograph sessions throughout the day), record labels, clothing companies, political and environmental causes—if you can think of it, it was probably there. There were BMX and skating demos, motorcycles on display, even Mexican wrestlers. The crowd was just as diverse, with old-school fans of bands like Bad Religion, devotees of the sugary pop music that passes for punk in some circles these days and metalheads drawn by Killswitch Engage all milling about together.

During the time that I wasn’t standing in line for water or Gatorade, seeking the solace of the shade in the press area or interviewing band members, I managed to check out a handful of acts. (more…)


Photos by Greg Maki (more…)