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It’s funny how an offhanded comment can make a dream come true, but that’s exactly what happened with thrash icons Anthrax.

Last year, the members of the band were hanging out at New York’s West Village bar Daddy-O and mentioned to owner Phil Casacelli how they’d love to have their own brand of beer. Casacelli, a longtime fan of upstate New York’s Butternuts Beer & Ale Brewery, made a call to Chuck Williamson, owner of Butternuts, a metalhead and a longtime Anthrax fan, and everything started to fall into place for what would become Anthrax’s own craft beer, Wardance. Wardance will be available in stores, bars and restaurants where craft beer is sold in New York State beginning March 27. Plans are in the works to expand the distribution to other states around the country. (more…)



The tale of Supernaturale is about a brewer who met a rock band. An epic brewmance ensued and SupernaturAle was born. Cranked up to 11 percent ABV, this beer is sure to rock your world just like Crobot. Notes of plum and grape blend with a strong malt backbone to form a monster mosh pit on your tongue.

On ​Oct. 10, to kick things off there will be an event at Double Barley Brewing in Smithfield, North Carolina, complete with tastings, contests, meet and greet, and a Crobot performance for all in attendance. This is a free event. (more…)