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A Tribute to Peter Steele of Type O Negative

April 14th is an important day in the history of heavy metal. Five years ago, (April 14, 2010) we lost the great multi-talented and imposing frontman of Type O Negative, Peter Steele, ending an era and one of the greatest gothic metal bands we’ll likely ever hear. For bands that focused on death, romance, the occult and a sick, sarcastic humor, Type O Negative became synonymous—there really was “none more negative.” We never had the chance to interview Peter or even cover Type O Negative with Live Metal, as we were only a few years in when he untimely passed away in his sleep due to heart failure. For myself, losing Steele and this amazing band that was an enormous part of my adolescence is something that still makes me sad to this day—it’s on the same level as losing former Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell (no disrespect to Dimebag, obviously). But as the years pass by and I grow older, Type O Negative’s music is becoming something more and more of the past. So on this anniversary of the death of the great Peter Steele, let’s keep the music alive by checking out a few features we’ve done on the band below: (more…)

Type O Negative: Kenny Hickey, Johnny Kelly, Peter Steele, Josh Silver

Type O Negative: Kenny Hickey, Johnny Kelly, Peter Steele, Josh Silver

Interview: Johnny Kelly (Danzig, A Pale Horse Named Death, ex-Type O Negative) Part 1: Kill Devil Hill and bands

For gothic metal that focused on death, romance, the occult and a sick, sarcastic humor, Type O Negative became synonymous—there really was “none more negative.” The name says it all. The Brooklyn band—vocalist/bassist Peter Steele, vocalist/guitarist Kenny Hickey, keyboardist Josh Silver and drummer Johnny Kelly—became known as the “drab four,” releasing the smash hit—and Roadrunner Records’ first-ever platinum-selling album—Bloody Kisses in 1993 and the now-classic October Rust in 1996. The band remained active over the next decade, releasing World Coming Down (1999), Life is Killing Me (2003) and Dead Again (2007), becoming one of the most recognized metal bands during its run, providing the Halloween soundtrack for a lifetime.

The band came to a sudden and sad end on April 14, 2010, when Peter Steele died, reportedly from heart failure. Fans like me were devastated. Type O Negative’s music was something we grew up with, and I guess we figured that entity would always be there for us. Well, you know what—it will. That’s the thing about music—it never dies. If kept alive, it can take on a new life of its own and live forever. 

While we interviewed Kill Devil Hill’s new drummer Johnny Kelly about his joining the band, it was inevitable that the conversation would turn to Type O Negative for the band’s former drummer, and that it did. I couldn’t help but act like a gushing fanboy talking to Johnny, remembering the time that was Type O Negative and all that came with it. And Johnny was more than happy to talk about it. Like all of us, he misses it and Peter deeply.

In part two of our interview with Kelly, he tells us how he remembers Type O Negative’s fallen vocalist, the high point of the band’s career and how he plans to incorporate elements of Type O into his reactivated band with Hickey, Seventh Void. (more…)

type_o_bloody_kissesThe sky is cloudy and a dreary gray with sprinkles of cold rain. Colored leaves are falling on the damp ground, and the wind has regained that hint of wintry chill. The atmosphere and setting seem more desolate, and there is an ominous aura in the air. There’s a level of unpredictably, mystery, sexuality and barrels of fun waiting to be had by all. And of course, there’s a shitload of candy.

It’s hard to put in words the feelings of thistime of the season, but there’s no better metal record to do that than Type O Negative’s 1993 goth metal classic, Bloody Kisses. (more…)

typeo-deadIn 1994, rock music was formerly introduced to the goth metal doom of Type O Negative by their breakthrough album, Bloody Kisses. The album spawned the single “Christian Woman” and the Halloween vampire anthem, “Black No. 1.” It was like nothing heard before, combining menacing doom metal with goth and pop-rock style—Black Sabbath meets the Beatles, if you will. To date, it has sold nearly a million copies in the United States. The band followed it with 1996’s October Rust, a critically acclaimed goth metal epic, while 1999’s World Coming Down and 2003’s Life Is Killing Me saw the band somewhat going through the motions after their new found success. Though they were strong efforts, both albums lacked fire or new ideas. Rumors circulated about the band’s demise, and in 2005, their official web site depicted a tombstone marked Peter Steele. Now, we finally have the appropriately titled Dead Again on their new record label, SPV. (more…)