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Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter will release their new album Outlive through a partnership with Solid State Records on March 31. The album, which is the band’s eighth overall and the follow up to 2014’s Extremist, is now available for pre-order here.

Demon Hunter have also shared the track listing and the final two covers for Outlive. The covers revealed here are exclusive to both retail and to this pre-order. The first cover pictured is for the digital and CD versions. The second cover pictured is for the double vinyl. Check them out now!


Love-and-Death-between-here-and-lostReview by Jeff Maki
For Korn fans, there’s no more wondering what could have been. When guitarist Brian “Head” Welch abruptly left the nu-metal pioneers in 2005, most fans perceived his departure as some sort of drug-induced trip, a bad joke, during which he went on to pronounce his Christianity. Shortly after, photos surfaced of him getting baptized, bearing a resemblance to Jesus Christ himself. (Head since has cleared this up, mainly in our first interview we did with him in 2011.) Fans turned their backs on the popular former member of Korn, and even after success with a biography, Save Me from Myself (2007) and a solo album (2008) of the same name, it seemed as if “Head” might fade into obscurity. (more…)

Brian "Head" Welch: "Love and Death ... and Korn"

Brian “Head” Welch: “Love and Death … and Korn”

Days before former Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch’s new band Love and Death was set to open for P.O.D. on its U.S. tour at Rams Head Live Baltimore, Live Metal had scheduled an interview with him to talk about his new band, its new Chemicals EP and whatever else came to mind. As it turns out, we had plenty to talk about because the night before at the Carolina Rebellion festival, Head rejoined Korn onstage to perform “Blind,” playing with his old bandmates for the first time in seven years. In what probably was his first interview since the biggest news Korn fans have had in years, Head talked about how it all came together, Love and Death, the hardships of touring and more. (more…)

"17 Again" with Love and Death's JR Bareis

“17 Again” with Love and Death’s JR Bareis

Do you remember when you were 17? Are you even 17 yet? I certainly remember. It was 1994, the year I graduated high school, and I became consumed completely by music while looking into the great unknown. I didn’t care—I was partying with girls, doing things I probably wasn’t supposed to be doing, and it was one of the best years of my life. But there’s no way it was anywhere near as good or memorable as JR Bareis’ 17th, who is spending the year and foreseeable future playing alongside Brian “Head” Welch, the former guitarist of Korn who recently rebranded his solo band, Love and Death. (more…)

Brian "Head" Welch: "Head Strong"

Brian “Head” Welch: “Head Strong”

As a guitarist for one on the most successful metal bands, you would think you were living a dream only a few even could imagine. Everything you ever could want in life would be on your plate. But that was far from the truth for Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch. In 2005, he shocked the rock world by announcing his resignation from the band and devoting his life and his future music to Christianity. Since his departure, most would say Korn hasn’t been the same. But that’s another story. Head’s story is one of excess. Describing his last years in Korn as “torture,” touring and the lifestyle of the road led Head to endless partying, a crystal meth addiction, missing his daughter and internal struggles in the band. You can read his story for yourself in his best-selling 2007 autobiography, Save Me from Myself.

Since going solo, although now a devout Christian and drug-free, Head’s life hasn’t exactly been peachy. His debut album was released to mixed reviews, and he admits that, looking back, he isn’t completely satisfied with the effort. A record label he founded, Driven Music Group, shut down after bankruptcy, and Head just now is beginning to fight and claw his way back. With a driving new single, “Paralyzed” recently released, an announcement of an upcoming Head EP and constant rumors of if and when he will rejoin Korn,’s Jeff Maki had an extensive and honest talk with Head to get some of those answers. (more…)

head-save-me-from-myselfSave Me from Myself is the solo debut of former Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch. Everyone should know the story by now. Head quit Korn to pursue a life of religion, spend time with his daughter and, most importantly, free himself of his deadly drug addiction. The album works as a companion with his best-selling autobiography of the same name. (more…)