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Wednesday, March 8, the Mockstrosity Tour 2017—starring the kings of fast-food themed Black Sabbath covers Mac Sabbath and Metalachi: The World’s First and Only Heavy Metal Mariachi Band—will kick off in Omaha, Nebraska. The tour also will feature, as special guests, the Ned Flanders-themed metal band Okilly Dokilly. No, you’re not dreaming—the heavy-metal-shtick trifecta is upon us and you can witness them all in one night. Tickets are on sale now via individual venues.

In celebration of the tour kickoff, Mac Sabbath finally is releasing recorded music. Its viral hit cover track “Pair-A-Buns” will be available via Flexi Disc during the tour, available only inside the official new coloring activity book, which full of ridiculous images to color, dots to connect, mazes to solve and more. You can get the coloring activity book and Flexi Disc only via the band on tour as of now. Bring out your inner kid and pick them up at the Mac Sabbath merch booth at your local tour stop.

Take a look inside the new book with Ronald Osbourne and brace yourself for a shocking discovery: (more…)



Detroit rock band Wilson has released its cover of Rage Against The Machine’s “Sleep Now in the Fire.” The track was released in light of the recent presidential election and current political tone. Listen to the cover below, along with the band’s cover of Nazareth’s “Hair of the Dog,” which many of its fans have enjoyed as part of its live set. (more…)


Glenn Danzig

You know it’s Danzig the moment you hear him. It’s not just that inimitable voice either. It’s the thick airy guitars, bluesy swagger, and “come hither” evil that placed him at the forefront of a number of musical revolutions. His work has indelibly impacted the landscape of extreme music, fortifying the crossroads between heavy riffs and occult imagery so prevalent these days. Moreover, you can consistently feel his presence throughout pop culture which expands further with his successful Verotik Comics and forthcoming feature film directorial debut. However,Danzig wants to show you where it started with his tenth full-length album and first since 2010’s Deth Red SaboathSkeletons. Due out on November 27 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment/Evilive Records the album is now will be available for pre-order. Be sure to check out Nuclear Blast’s teaser trailer for the release inside. (more…)

Butcher Babies

Butcher Babies

It’s been a relatively fast rise for Butcher Babies. The quintet, fronted by eye-catching vocalists Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd, released its debut album, Goliath, in 2013 and already has done time on the road with Danzig, Marilyn Manson, Black Label Society, Down, Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch and many more. Now, they’re about to unleash Uncovered, an EP showing a truly eclectic range of roots and influences, and embark on their first headlining tour. Carla recently checked in with Live Metal’s Greg Maki to talk about those two exciting happenings, as well as her new book (Death & Other Dances) and more. (more…)

Vains of Jenna back with a new singer and a big "Fuck You"

Vains of Jenna back with a new singer and a big “Fuck You”

That’s right, a “fuck you” and a “fuck her, too.” If those lyrics sound familiar it’s because they belong to the hit Cee Lo Green song, one of many songs, new and old, that Swedish sleaze rock band Vains of Jenna covers on its new release, Reverse Tripped (April 5, 2011, Cleopatra Records).

Vains of Jenna is no stranger to Live Metal. In our early days, they were one of the first bands we formed a real relationship with. According to drummer Jacki Stone, he did his first real interviews with our site back in 2007, first with the release of their debut album, Lit Up/Let Down, and then while opening a U.S. summer tour with Poison and Ratt. How about that? (more…)