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King 810’s has premiered its official music video for “Fat Around The Heart,” from the upcoming debut album, Memoirs Of A Murderer due August 19, 2014 via Roadrunner Records. Watch the new video inside and find out more about this recently controversial band. (more…)

"On with the Body Count"

Body Count featuring Ice-T, 2014

With the exciting and unexpected news that a new Body Count album called Manslaughter would be dropping (June 10, 2014, Sumerian Records), once again I find myself in a retro type of mood. For the new generation of rock and metal fans, the band Body Count—led by gangsta-rapper-turned-actor Ice-T—is all but unknown. Ice-T, you say? The same Ice-T that plays a detective on NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit? The same Ice-T who’s been a star of reality television? Yes, that Ice-T. As unexpected as this may sound as I write about it today, just think about how surprising or even shocking this was more than 20 years ago as I attempt to recount my memory of Body Count’s 1992 self-titled debut album and the chain of events that followed. (more…)


Killer Be Killed: Troy Saunders, Greg Puciato, Max Cavalera, David Elitch

The metal supergroup Killer Be Killed had been in the works for a few years, with members dropping hints about the sound and style, building up the hype in the metal community (a few of which were dropped right here on Live Metal) as we anxiously awaited word on an official release. That time is finally here. The project—featuring The Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist/guitarist Greg Puciato, Soulfly/Cavalera Conspiracy vocalist/guitarist Max Cavalera, Mastodon vocalist/bassist Troy Saunders and ex-The Mars Volta drummer David Elitch—will release its debut self-titled album May 13, 2014 (Nuclear Blast). So the big question is, what would it sound like if you took the sludge metal of Mastodon and the mathcore chaos of The Dillinger Escape Plan, and added a lethal does of thrash metal from Soulfly? The answer? Not like anything you would expect. Killer Be Killed contains elements of the members’ main bands, but the album is just as melodic and structured as it is heavy. It’s a different kind of metal album than what we’ve grown accustomed to hearing the past few years. But if it sounded identical to any of those bands, what would be the point?

Cavalera is no stranger to side projects and experimenting in the metal scene. His resume speaks for itself with the groundbreaking Chaos A.D. (the same drum machine and four-track were used for Killer Be Killed) and Roots from Sepultura, the subgenre-shifting Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy with his brother Igor, countless guest appearances and the now cult favorite, one-off project with Alex Newport of Fudge Tunnel, called Nailbomb. In fact, it was the hardcore punk/industrial album Point Blank (1994) from Nailbomb that served as inspiration for Killer Be Killed when Puciato originally contacted Max about doing something together.

Just prior to the release of Killer Be Killed, Live Metal’s Jeff Maki once again talked with Max, except this time focusing on the making of the self-titled debut and what each member brought to the table on Killer Be Killed. But that wasn’t it. According to Max, Killer Be Killed may not just be a side project, as he dropped some surprising news on us. Read on. (more…)

Devil-you-knowReview by Jeff Maki

Arch Enemy’s Michael Amott told me in 2006 that a charismatic singer “is what every band needs to really break through.” That may sound like it’s stating the obvious, but in the era of extreme music, a vocalist, while important, is often not the focus of attention of a metal band anymore. When and why did this happen? I’m not really sure. Whether you agree or not, Michael is absolutely right. Just ask the guys in Killswitch Engage. They were basically just another metalcore band, albeit a pretty good one, until Howard Jones took over vocal duties and elevated the band to a new level of popularity. (more…)

Hot on the heels of our recent and revealing interview with Devil You Know’s Howard Jones (read), the band have made the music video for the track “Seven Years Alone” available online from its upcoming release, The Beauty of Destruction. “Seven Years Alone” is also now available as a digital single via iTunes. Check it out the video inside and pick up the debut album April 29, 2014. (more…)

Howard Jones is the "Devil You Know"

Howard Jones is the “Devil You Know”

During his decade-long run as frontman of Killswitch Engage, Howard Jones took the band to a new level. With the smash 2004 album The End of Heartache (which featured “Rose of Sharyn”), 2006’s As Daylight Dies (featuring the hit “My Curse”) and the unexpected radio hit of its cover version of Dio’s “Holy Diver,” the band was credited with spearheading the rise of metalcore and had become a household name. Then, in 2010, on a winter tour with The Devil Wears Prada and Dark Tranquillity, Jones unexpectedly had to sit out, with All That Remains vocalist Phil Labonte and former Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach filling in. At the time, there was much speculation and rumors were flying about the reason for Jones’ absence (he got a girl pregnant, back injury, other health issues). Time passed and with little or no word as to what was happening with Killswitch Engage’s lineup, the band announced in 2012 what fans had been expecting: Howard Jones was out, and eventually, he was replaced full-time by Leach. But why was he out?  (more…)

Korn-debutSo I decided to spin Korn’s debut album a few weeks ago on a road trip. Why? I’m not entirely sure. As a diehard fan back in the day, I had heard this album, and my friends and I recited the lyrics hundreds upon hundreds of times. I can play the entire album out through my head without even hitting play. It’s a CD I see every day, as I have a copy autographed by all five original band members on my shelf display.

After some thought, I realized why I pulled it out again. For my own curiosity, I wanted to revisit Korn, not to have something to write about, or for nostalgia. I wanted to hear how the music, and the 12 songs that make up the album—from “Blind” to “Daddy”— sound today, 20 years later. After two decades of trends, genres and sub-genres and the enormous wealth of music I have taken in over that time while growing up into an adult, I wanted to know what the original appeal was, what made me become obsessed with Korn and if I still could get enjoyment from spinning this record. (more…)

Devil You Know, the creative union of Howard Jones (ex-Killswitch Engage), Francesco Artusato (All Shall Perish) and John Sankey (Devolved), will unleash their inaugural effort on Nuclear Blast Entertainment this April! Their highly-anticipated debut, The Beauty of Destruction, will be made available on both physical and digital formats on April 25 (Europe) and April 29 (North America/UK/France). Check inside for album art and tracklisting: (more…)

triviumember+to+infernoMy first taste of Trivium was with their release, Ascendancy, which is without a doubt one of my favorite albums of all time. So when I saw this extended edition of Ember To Inferno on the shelf I just had to pick it up. This album was re-released through Lifeforce Records containing a few bonus tracks, and demos. (more…)

"Johan Lindstrand's 'mission in blood' continues"

“Johan Lindstrand’s ‘Mission in Blood’ continues”

Just two years after Swedish death metallers The Crown ended their 14-year run, vocalist Johan Lindstrand has resurfaced with a new band, One Man Army and the Undead Quartet. Preparing for the April 4th U.S. release of the full-length debut 21st Century Killing Machine, which Live-Metal called a “brutal, riff-ladened album of memorable Swedish death metal,” Lindstrand recently talked with Live Metal’s Jeff Maki about the demise of The Crown, the new record, the differences between the American and European metal scenes, and more.  (more…)