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Chuck Billy of Testament

LIVE PHOTOS: Testament, Sepultura
Review by Jeff Maki
It’s been 30 years since the formation of Bay Area thrashers, Testament—30 years since it released its debut album, The Legacy. The band’s current label, Nuclear Blast Records,also is celebrating its 30-year anniversary. And let’s not forget the fantastic new album, The Brotherhood of the Snake (read review). It was the perfect storm for Testament—forever in the shadows of “The Big Four”—to showcase its own impressive discography and different eras of the band. After 30 years and thousands of live shows, this one could have been its last—it was that good! (more…)

Photos by Greg Maki (more…)


Brazilian heavy metal icons, Sepultura, will unleash their upcoming studio album, Machine Messiah, on January 13th through Nuclear Blast. Today, the band have released the lyric video of first digital single, “I Am The Enemy.” Check it out below!


Derrick Green: "The mediator between old and new"

Derrick Green: “The mediator between old and new”

Want to feel old? Derrick Green has been the vocalist of legendary Brazilian metal band Sepultura for 16 years and released seven albums. That’s five years longer than Max Cavalera’s tenure as vocalist of the band (1985-1996), and one more album. I remember picking up my first death/thrash metal album in 1989, which just happened to be the cassette tape of Beneath the Remains. You think that sounds old? Chaos A.D. is 20 years old, and Roots is 17.

My point is, maybe it’s time the metal community as a whole accepts Green as Sepultura’s frontman–maybe it’s way past time. (more…)

"Point Blank" with Max Cavalera

“Point Blank” with Max Cavalera

First, a little background: I grew up with Sepultura. Beneath the Remains was the first true thrash/death metal album I owned. Then came Arise, and the title came to make perfect sense, as a new metal tribe had risen. Chaos A.D. and the tour that followed changed my life and my expectations of all metal that would come after it. Roots then helped change metal forever. Soulfly will never be the classic Sepultura I grew up on, but it’s damn close. Of course, at the center of it all is Max Cavalera, one of metal’s most influential and well-known figures. An idol or role-model? Certainly not, but when all is said and done, he will stand alongside the metal greats.


Sepultura "Roar back" with 'Kairos'

Sepultura “Roar back” with ‘Kairos’

After interviewing former Sepultura vocalist Max Cavalera in 2009 and now the man who has been successfully carrying on the band’s legacy—guitarist Andreas Kisser—perhaps my life is complete. OK, I hope not, but in all seriousness, Sepultura was a huge part of my youth and still is to this day. Their 1989 album, Beneath the Remains, was the  first extreme metal album I ever heard, Arise (1991) was a permanent fixture in my tape deck, venting my frustrations during my teenage years, and I lost count of how many copies of Chaos A.D. (1993) I’ve had to buy from wearing it out.

And it’s not only the Max Cavalera Sepultura era I’ve been a fan of. I’ve closely followed the band since Derrick Green became vocalist in 1997, and was particularly a fan of 2006’s concept album Dante XXI.

So long story short:Getting to chat with Andreas Kisser for nearly 30 minutes was a huge deal for me. In one of our longer and more in-depth interviews on, Kisser talked with about the history of Sepultura, all the way from Bestial Devastation (1985) to their 2011 album, Kairos, which many are calling the band’s best since Chaos A.D. He defends the current formation of the band and gives his honest opinion on Max Cavalera’s post-Sepultura bands, Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy. (more…)