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The Wild! (photo by Joel Jaszczyszak)

Early every year, there seems to come a rock record that sets a tone, that raises the bar for the releases due in the following months. In 2017, that record appears to be Wild at Heart (review), the debut full-length from Canadian rockers The Wild! To quote vocalist/lead guitarist Dylan Villain from the band’s official bio, “The Wild! is a mixture of what the blues feels like, rock ‘n’ roll sounds like and punk rock smells like.” That’s a dead-on assessment, and it just might add up to the best pure rock album since Airbourne stormed onto the scene nearly a decade ago with Runnin’ Wild. Judging by the reviews pouring in from around the world, The Wild! Appears to be on the verge of a major breakthrough, and it’s the result of a lot of hard work and complete dedication to the music. Live Metal’s Greg Maki recently caught up with Dylan to discuss the album, his rock ‘n’ roll upbringing and more. (more…)

Review by Greg Maki
I became aware of The Wild!, a smokin’ rock band from Canada, last fall when the quartet opened for Airbourne on the Australian rockers’ U.S. tour. As it turns out, that’s a near-perfect way to orient yourself for what to expect on Wild at Heart, The Wild!’s full-length debut release. (The band released an EP, GxDxWxB, in 2015.) But while Airbourne comes across as Brian Johnson-era AC/DC on steroids, The Wild! reaches back further, blasting out anthem after anthem soaked in a bluesy, Bon Scott-like swagger, couched in a punk rock attitude and all pure rock ‘n’ roll. (more…)

The Wild!

Canadian export The Wild! has debuted a third new track titled “Best in the West,” from its upcoming album, Wild at Heart. The record will be released Feb. 17 via Entertainment One (eOne).

“‘Best in the West’ is a song I wrote a really long time ago, so it was really cool to rework this one and watch it all come together all over again,” said frontman Dylan Villain.

“We’re from a place where there really isn’t a lot of rock’n’roll bands like us. To be honest, I don’t think there are any bands like us–period. But nevertheless, we’re the ‘Best in the West.” (more…)


Photos by Greg Maki (more…)

The Wild!

The Wild!

Canadian rockers The Wild has debuted a new single titled “Ready to Roll” and announced a Feb. 17, 2017, release date of its new album, Wild at Heart. Listen to the song below.

This is a straight up Wild! song through and through, man,” says vocalist and lead guitarist Dylan Villain. “To me, it’s all about freedom and goin’ that extra mile when things need to be done. Whatever it is. Whenever it is. Whether we’ve been on the road for months playin’ shows or you’re still on from last night and gotta go to work the next day … Was it worth it? Hell yeah, it was worth it. We’re ready to roll.” (more…)