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Metallica even released an album in 2016!

So the ball may have dropped long ago on 2016, which many deemed a dreadful year for entertainment due to many high-profile celebrity deaths. While our genre has lost some legends in recent years, hard rock and metal continue to thrive. I see bands rising and carrying the torch. We have the “world’s loudest month” in the U.S. for rock festivals. Metal is the most streamed genre on Spotify. Newer bands of all types of rock and metal subgenres continue to open eyes and ears not just here, but as always, worldwide. As usual, my list came down to the albums that not only initially knocked me on my ass, but also had me coming back time and time again. It mostly comprises reliable favorites, but there are a couple new surprise entries, as well.

First, we’ll start with a few honorable mentions: (more…)


Entombed A.D.

A deadly dawn is spreading across the land as Entombed A.D. drops a horrifying new video for the title track off their newest album, Dead Dawn (read review). Zombies will attack, so hold on to your brains! Watch the new video for “Dead Dawn” inside!



Review by Jeff Maki
I was a huge fan of Entombed in the early ’90s. And if you were a death metal fan during that era, I’m sure you were, too. With Left Hand Path and Clandestine, Entombed pioneered the Swedish metal scene, influencing legions of bands to come. Then with the less death metal and more accessible Wolverine Blues, it invented “death ‘n’ roll.” Numerous lineup changes ensued, though five more albums were released during this time. The last one I remember hearing was 2007’s Serpent Saints—The Ten Amendments. The band then disappeared but returned in 2014 with Back to the Front, except only vocalist L-G Petrov remained and the dreaded “A.D.” was now succeeding its name. The only thing worse is if you’re in a band and a country in parentheses follows your name.  (more…)