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Lamb Of God

When Lamb of God recorded last year’s VII: Sturm und Drang, they held onto a song they felt was special enough to stand on its own: “The Duke.” The track, which finds frontman Randy Blythe singing about mortality, is dedicated to Wayne Ford, a fan of the band whom the singer befriended in late 2012. Ford was suffering from leukemia and after Blythe heard his story – captured on the band’s website – it left a profound impact on him.

To honor Ford, the group is releasing an EP, also titled The Duke, which features the hard-rock–leaning song along with another unreleased track that dates back to their Wrath LP, the thrashy, heavy “Culling,” which they finished up especially for this EP, along with live recordings of three Sturm und Drangtracks. (more…)

amaranthe-breaking-pointReview by Jeff Maki
Amaranthe is hot right now. Its 2014 album, Massive Addictive (review), ignited the band’s flame in North America, a flame that had been burning in its homeland of Sweden for some time due to its 2013 album, The Nexus. The band is immediately recognizable by its three-vocalist attack of Elize Ryd, Jake E. Lundberg and Henrik Englund, each one bringing a different style to the music—the beautiful and theatrical pop-diva, the clean metalcore singer and the death metal growler. I caught the band opening for Within Temptation in 2014 (read here), and Amaranthe is on a North American headlining tour as I write this (view dates here). Looking to keep the flame burning, the band has released a digital-only EP, featuring six acoustic tracks, along with the songs “Breaking Point” and “Splinter in My Soul,” which according to the band are “originals from the early days.” But is this EP worth your hard-earned digital dollars? (more…)

integrity-humanityReview by Jeff Maki
Integrity is a name I remember from my youth. I would see the band’s CDs lined up in Tower Records while perusing other nearby selections circa 1995. At that point, I had made it my mission to hear just about anything metal, punk, hardcore or alternative. This was what I considered my heyday as far as my musical discovery, and the early roots of Live Metal can be traced back to around this time. Integrity, however, was a band I missed (although I’m sure I heard its music on a compilation or somewhere, right?). Well, now 20 years later, we get the chance to discover (or rediscover) Integrity with the release of its now groundbreaking EP, Humanity is the Devil, which according to its label, Magic Bullet Records, is credited as one of the first to fuse metal and hardcore in such a way that its influence is still strong today. (more…)

toothgrinder-schizophrenicReview by Jeff Maki
Recently dubbed “the #1 metal band you should be listening to” by VH1 (read here), New Jersey’s Toothgrinder’s progressive hardcore-metal has been compared to the likes of The Dillinger Escape Plan. But for me, it’s more like early Mudvayne. Schizophrenic Jubilee has strong elements of song hidden within the “schizophrenic” assault, ready to break through the walls and make Toothgrinder a true player in today’s metal scene. (more…)

metallica_beyond-magneticReview by Ryan Mavity
OK, Metallica, I’m back on the bandwagon. You bastards know me too well.

After their well-intentioned but disastrous collaboration with Lou Reed, Lulu, Metallica needed the metal equivalent of makeup sex with its fan base.

To do that, the band held a 30th anniversary show in San Francisco complete with a star-studded guest list—which included reuniting with Dave Mustaine and Jason Newsted—and released Beyond Magnetic, a four-song EP of songs cut from the band’s recent comeback album, 2008’s Death Magnetic. (more…)

Brian "Head" Welch: "Head Strong"

Brian “Head” Welch: “Head Strong”

As a guitarist for one on the most successful metal bands, you would think you were living a dream only a few even could imagine. Everything you ever could want in life would be on your plate. But that was far from the truth for Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch. In 2005, he shocked the rock world by announcing his resignation from the band and devoting his life and his future music to Christianity. Since his departure, most would say Korn hasn’t been the same. But that’s another story. Head’s story is one of excess. Describing his last years in Korn as “torture,” touring and the lifestyle of the road led Head to endless partying, a crystal meth addiction, missing his daughter and internal struggles in the band. You can read his story for yourself in his best-selling 2007 autobiography, Save Me from Myself.

Since going solo, although now a devout Christian and drug-free, Head’s life hasn’t exactly been peachy. His debut album was released to mixed reviews, and he admits that, looking back, he isn’t completely satisfied with the effort. A record label he founded, Driven Music Group, shut down after bankruptcy, and Head just now is beginning to fight and claw his way back. With a driving new single, “Paralyzed” recently released, an announcement of an upcoming Head EP and constant rumors of if and when he will rejoin Korn,’s Jeff Maki had an extensive and honest talk with Head to get some of those answers. (more…)

Warbringer: "Thrash 'til Death"

Warbringer: “Thrash ’til Death”

Who doesn’t miss the glory days of thrash metal? I’m talking old Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer, Testament, Exodus, Kreator, Clash of the Titans, bullet belts, jean jackets, skateboards, long curly hair and real circle pits–not this hardcore dancing crap we see today. Well, you don’t have to miss it as much anymore. Ventura, California’s Warbringer leads a pack of bands carrying the torch for thrash metal–right where it left off. A new revolution is well underway and Warbringer’s album War Without End (reviewwas released Feb. 5, 2007 on Century Media Records. It recalls all that I mentioned above and opens the door for a new order of thrash metal fans. Even more astonishing is that the band members range in age from 17 to 22. Speaking of Exodus, Warbringer is fresh off a tour supporting the thrash legends and is preparing to head out with Eygptian-themed death metallers Nile. recently talked with guitarist John Laux about getting signed to a label, their new release and what they bring to thrash metal in 2008. (more…)

Review by Greg Maki
Any fan of hard rock and metal with a bit of a theatrical flair almost has to like a band whose members sport names like Provo, Crawfish, Deadmike, Sp.Ed. and Coolwhip. They, along with vocalist Scott Rose, form Rikets, a band out of Cleveland that has a lot going for it. (more…)