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machine-head-bloodstoneReview by Jeff Maki
With Bloodstone & Diamonds, Machine Head has thrown its “headcases” a wicked curveball. To spend more time recording the new album, the band decided to cancel its 2014 fall U.S. tour with Children of Bodom. Fans were disappointed to the extent that a minor online feud was started between followers of the two bands. If the end result is a curveball like this, the unfinished version must have been a down-and-away-slider so far off the plate that even third baseman Pablo Sandoval wouldn’t have been able to connect. (I figured this was a good analogy since the San Francisco Giants just won the 2014 World Series.) The album is surprising in that it is a departure in many ways for Machine Head. If this were a new Metallica or In Flames album, the online ranting would be endless.

Robb Flynn recently wrote in his online blog, The General Journals:

We don’t need to be loved by everyone, in fact when some people don’t like it I know we’re on the right track.

Bloodstone & Diamonds has the potential to divide Machine Head’s fan base. But given the appropriate time and an open mind for this material to sink in, there’s no fucking way that should happen. (more…)

in-flames-rusted-nailIn Flames’ new single and first from its upcoming album, Siren Charms (Sept. 5, 2014, Epic/Sony) has made it’s way online (YouTube) via a pre-release from Spotify Europe. You might want to take a listen before it’s taken down. For myself, I’m mildly disappointed, but the musical direction is along the lines of what I expected. No, it’s not a return to the style of Whoracle or Clayman, but similar to tracks on A Sense of Purpose and Sounds of a Playground Fading like, “Sleepless Again,” “Deliver Us” or “Where the Dead Ships Dwell.” Any complaints aside, it’s still way ahead of a lot of other things that garner constant praise across other music publications. Listen now:




“This one is for you Jesterheads,” reads a recent Facebook post on In Flames official page in reference to its upcoming album. Does this mean a return to the melodic death metal style of earlier albums? An entirely heavier yet different sound? We haven’t had the chance to hear anything just like anyone else, but if I had to guess, I’d say the new album will be a combination of both. Oldschool fans are dying for a heavy death metal record from In Flames, and I think the band wants to deliver. On the other hand, they probably don’t want to alienate new fans that have come aboard on newer albums Come Clarity (review), A Sense of Purpose (review) and Sounds of a Playground Fading (review), so I’m thinking maybe we get the best of both worlds here? Only September will tell. View the album cover art inside. (more…)

kamelot-ghost-operaKamelot already has made a name for themselves over the course of seven studio albums with their blend of progressive, power and goth metal. Now with their eighth album, Ghost Opera, the Florida band aims to release their strongest and most complete offering yet. (more…)

faith_no_more_the_real_thingIt was 1989, and for many of us, the music video “Epic” was our introduction to Faith No More. These guys were clearly a bunch of weirdos, but that song and video were infectious as hell. You have this singer in high-top sneakers and funky, bright-colored ’80s clothes, a strange looking guitarist with nerdy glasses, and keyboards. And let’s not forget the infamous flopping fish at the end of the video, an image burned into the minds of millions of people. What was this band? Rap? Rock? Metal? Elements of each are in the song. I wasn’t sure what to think at first, but something drove me and many others to purchase the album. (more…)