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Napalm Records artists Arkona and Sirenia are ready to kick of their North American tour, tomorrow night in New York, NY at Webster Hall.  This tour serves as a special 15th anniversary run for Arkona.  The tour is also Sirenia’s first ever North American tour!  A complete list of dates can be found inside.

Anton of Arkona on what fans can expect on tour:
“For our Anniversary set list we have chosen the songs, which we never played in North America before, from each of 7 albums we released. These songs are very well describing our 15th year path. Also we added 2 new songs from our upcoming album, which we are going to record right after out return from the tour. And of course our well known hits will not be forgotten!”

Morten of Sirenia added:
“We are very excited about touring North America for the first time. It’s something that we wanted to do for years and years.  This time it will finally happen. A special thanks to our fans supporting this project via our pledge campaign, together we made this happen. See you in the US and Canada in a few days. First show in NYC on the 13th of May already. Be ready, ’cause we sure are!”



Photos by Greg Maki (more…)

With the tour kick-off just about a month away, now’s the time to get your tickets! Epica and Eluveitie will co-headline Revolver’s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Tour with The Agonist as support on all dates. See dates inside. (more…)

Finnish battle metallers Turisas will return to North America this spring with co-headliners (and fellow Finns) Korpiklaani for the fifth installment of the Paganfest America Tour! Some of the finest names in pagan metal, Chthonic (Taiwan), Varg (Germany) and Winterhymn (USA), will also be joining the two titans on the road for this year’s crusade. See inside for all confirmed dates. (more…)

Children of Bodom

Children of Bodom: “Sunday Night, Bodom Night”

Children of Bodom, Eluveitie, Revocation, Threat Signal

By Jeff Maki

Apparently, Children of Bodom has a large following in the Baltimore area. Who knew? We had just been here a month ago when Machine Head played, and for whatever reason, Rams Head Live was barely at half capacity. But this was a Bodom night, and the closing show on the band’s 15th anniversary U.S. tour, so the fans were rabid, packing the venue from top to Bodom. (more…)

eluveitie-everythingAfter 2009’s all-acoustic, yet superb album, Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion, many fans of the pagan metal leaders Eluveitie were wondering if the band would return to the metal of their 2007 Nuclear Blast debut, Slania. On Everything Remains (As It Never Was) the answer is an unmistakable YES. (more…)

eluveitie-evocation-IEluveitie (pronounced El-Vey-Ti) is an eight-piece Swiss folk metal band that has risen to the front of the folk and pagan metal scene. The band already has participated in both the European and U.S. versions of Paganfest and released a successful album, Slania. Like other Viking/pagan metal bands, Eluveitie molds high-velocity melodic death metal with melodies, a wide variety of folk instruments and traditional Celtic music.

But let this be a warning. Although something special in its own right, this release is far different from what you might expect. Evocation I – The Arcane Dominion is not a metal album at all; in fact, it’s questionable whether it could even be called a rock album since the band has come “unplugged” for this release. The 15 songs that make up this album are all acoustic folk music that lean on the pop side of the musical spectrum. (more…)

Sagas“Epic Bavarian Polka?” That’s how the press release describes Germany’s Equilibrium, a band I was first introduced to on Nuclear Blast’s viking and folk metal compilation, Pagan Fire. As bizarre as that may sound, the description fits well. Equilibrium have embraced their heritage and roots of Bavaria (the largest state of present day Germany and home of Oktoberfest) and have created a symphonic folk metal masterpiece. (more…)

turisas-varangianEver wonder what Medieval Times would sound like with a heavy metal soundtrack? Well, now we have our answer in Finnish metal band Turisas. With trumpets, violins and more sorcery references than a game of Magic: The Gathering, this a gloriously bombastic and totally ridiculous record. (more…)

Sharon talks to Live Metal on "The Hottest Chicks of Metal Tour"

Sharon talks to Live Metal on “The Hottest Chicks of Metal Tour”

Since forming in 1996, Holland’s Within Temptation, led by the charismatic and gorgeous vocalist Sharon den Adel, has become one of metal’s most successful female-fronted acts. The band started garnering widespread acclaim with the 2000 album Mother Earth and built a strong following that allowed them to play some of the biggest festivals in Europe. The Silent Force, released in 2004, is their most successful album to date, combining their style of folk and symphonic rock with a somewhat updated, modern sound.

Within Temptation’s new release, The Heart of Everything, has already been released throughout Europe to great success through the videos/singles “What Have you Done,” featuring guest vocals by Life of Agony’s Keith Caputo, and the mesmerizing power ballad “Frozen.” Further building on the strengths of The Silent Force, The Heart of Everything adds darker, heavier guitar riffs to the band’s epic, cinematic style and features den Adel’s most diversified and captivating performance to date. In 2007, the band was selected for the “Hottest Chicks in Metal” tour, along with In This Moment and Stolen Babies, supporting Lacuna Coil. It is the band’s first ever U.S. tour.

Jason Price and Jeff Maki of had the privilege to talk to Sharon aboard the band’s tour bus during their stop at Jaxx in Springfield, Va. She is just as if not more beautiful in person and one of the nicest artists we’ve had the chance to interview. Sharon talks about the Hottest Chicks in Metal Tour, The Heart of Everything and a new beginning for Within Temptation. (more…)

therionI am vaguely familiar with Sweden’s Therion, seeing their name constantly across the net on metal sites and hearing select tracks from their extensive discography. Other than this, I have little knowledge of the band, knowing only that they push the envelope of heavy metal and extreme music.

Therion started way back in 1987 as a death metal act, evolving with each release, incorporating folk and symphonic metal, keyboards, choirs, female vocals and other experimentation, while still retaining elements of traditional metal. Because I haven’t heard the bulk of the band’s past material, this review will be treated as if I’m hearing the band for the first time. (more…)