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Releasing seven studio albums from 1987 to 1998, Death was crucial in pioneering the death metal genre. During his influential career—and maybe even more so after his death in 2001—vocalist/guitarist Chuck Schuldiner has been acknowledged as the godfather of extreme metal. Death’s 1987 debut album, Scream Bloody Gore, is widely considered the first death metal album and became the blueprint for extreme metal. The lyrical themes of horror and gore, Chuck’s unique vocal style and guitar playing, the raw intensity and iconic album art were groundbreaking. Now in 2016, thanks to a new Death-worshiping supergroup called Gruesome,  we get to hear (and see) it all over again. 

To make a long story short, in 2012, Schuldiner’s corporation wanted to raise some money for a charity called the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, so it put together the “Death to All Tour,” featuring former members of Death and other guest musicians performing Death’s classics. One of those involved was Exhumed vocalist/guitarist Matt Harvey, who took it one step further, forming Gruesome, a Death tribute band. The catch was the band would write original music but play in the style of Death. Gruesome was rounded out by members of Possessed, Malevolent Creation and Derketa. The band released its Leprosy-inspired full-length debut, Savage Land, in 2015, and now it’s back with Dimensions of Horror (May 20, 2016, Relapse Records)—you guessed it, inspired by Scream Bloody Gore.

Live Metal’s Jeff Maki recently talked with Harvey about Gruesome’s new release and Death’s legacy. (more…)


Photos by Greg Maki (more…)

Chad Gray of Hellyeah

Chad Gray of Hellyeah

Hellyeah will headline the We’re All in This Together Tour 2016, also featuring Escape the Fate, New Years Day and From Ashes to New. The 18-date tour across the United States will kick off May 2 in Baltimore, Maryland, and end June 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The tour will offer fans free music and exclusive content, alongside traditional ticket sales. With each ticket purchased, fans will receive a code redeemable for a free tour sampler on iTunes. The sampler will include recent hits and unreleased music from each artist on the tour.

Hellyeah also has debuted a lyric video for “Human,” the first song to be released from its fifth album, due later this year. (more…)


Photos by Greg Maki (more…)