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Photos by Greg Maki (more…)

Lacuna Coil 2014
“The Italian Godfathers,” Lacuna Coil have premiered its new video, “Nothing Stands In Our Way.” The clip is a bit of a throwback, documenting the band’s touring cycle over the past year, with behind the scenes clips and live footage. Check it out inside. (more…)

Lacuna Coil 2014
Italy’s finest are taking you to the next stage of their dark and sultry ride: Lacuna Coil have just launched the video for the song “I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name)” which was done by Sitcom Soldiers. View the official video inside.

awakendemonsReview by Greg Maki
When you think Italy, you think history—ancient churches, museums, places where world-changing events occurred a millennium and more before the United States of America was even a concept. You think of picturesque towns and cities, places where life is relaxed, people riding scooters and saying, “Ciao.” I imagine a group of angry young men shouting, “I am your worst fucking nightmare!” wouldn’t make your mental list of things to see and do. (more…)