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edguy-space-policeReview by Jeff Maki
Just seeing or hearing the name Edguy makes me smile. The band is kind of like a guilty pleasure, a breath of fresh air among all the extreme metal that rattles my head on a daily basis.  A band that always has played by its own rules, whether it’s the European power metal of the band’s early years or just hard rockin’ heavy metal. And Edguy’s 10th studio album, Space Police: Defenders of the Crown, has it all. (more…)

Edguy's Jens Ludwig alludes the Space Police for a Live Metal interview.

Edguy’s Jens Ludwig eludes the Space Police for a Live Metal interview.

Live Metal has been around for more than eight years, and even though we are always out looking for new bands to cover, it’s fun when things come around full circle. Such is the case with Germany’s Edguy. When I first interviewed Jens Ludwig, the band’s guitarist, way back on March 19, 2006, for the Rocket Ride album release, we were barely a month old. Since then, we’ve been doing our thing, while Edguy has toured the world, released two more studio albums, a live album and, now in 2014, is about to release maybe its strongest effort yet, Space Police: Defenders of the Crown (April 29, 2014, Nuclear Blast). The band’s over-the-top style is a lot to take in, and its certainly had its critics and probably always will. But for me, Edguy is a breath of fresh air among all the extreme metal that rattles my head on a daily basis. The band has gone from a premier power metal band to more of a hard rock sound in recent years, but with Space Police they make a clear statement to the metal world: There are no limitations and music equals freedom. And for Edguy and its fans, the happiest band in metal also make things lots of fun. Just seeing or hearing the name Edguy makes me smile.

Live Metal’s Jeff Maki once again connected with Ludwig to talk about Edguy’s style and legacy and opening for the Scorpions as a special guest on their world tour. Most importantly, we answer the question: Just who are the Space Police? (more…)


This one holds a special place in our hearts, as guitarist Jens Ludwig of Edguy was one of our first interviews posted (read) on Live Metal. Well, “Hair Force One” is back with a new album, with everything over-the-top and lovable that is Edguy. This first track kind of reminds me of Judas Priest’s “Painkiller.” Check it out inside and look for more Edguy on Live Metal real soon. (more…)

Edguy: "Holy Ear Damage"

Edguy: “Holy Ear Damage”

You would be hard pressed to find a more entertaining rock band than Germany’s Edguy. Known mainly as a power metal band in the early part of their career, starting with 2004’s Hellfire Club and on through their last album, 2006’s Rocket Ride (review), Edguy showed a knack for comedy and ’80s glam rock flair. The style received mixed reactions from fans and peers, but Edguy remained successful nonetheless. It had reached the point where people were starting to wonder if Edguy was serious about anything anymore, or were they merely a parody of heavy metal?

With their new album Tinnitus Sanctus (review), Edguy has surprised everyone. Not only does the music take on a more serious nature, but they have virtually abandoned the over-the-top power metal in favor of a more straightforward hard-rocking, heavy metal album. Not long after its release, Edguy guitarist Jens Ludwig phoned in to’s Jeff Maki to talk about the album and Edguy’s musical direction. Despite Jeff’s somewhat negative review of Tinnitus Sanctus (much to the chagrin of Ludwig), Jens put his feelings aside and was still able to do the interview as scheduled. (more…)


Edguy’s “Fucking With Fire”

Though they are one of Europe’s leading power metal bands, Germany’s Edguy remain largely unknown in the United States. With influences ranging from classic to hair metal, the band is completely over-the-top, even deeming themselves “Hair Force One” in the lyrics on its new album, Rocket Ride (review). Though they say they aren’t a parody or comedic act, it’s hard to listen to Edguy without having the music bring a smile to your face.

Live-Metal’s Jeff Maki recently spoke to guitarist Jens Ludwig about the making of Rocket Ride, the band’s image and possible efforts to introduce American audiences to their music. (more…)