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Rex Brown

Multi-platinum selling artist Rex Brown (Pantera, Down, Kill Devil Hill) has debuted a new single titled “Crossing Lines” and will release his debut solo album, Smoke on This … on July 28 via Entertainment One Music (eOne Music).

“My motto these days is ‘Shake some shit up,'” Brown said about the new LP. “I’ve had my ups and downs, like anybody in this business. I wanted to feel like a true artist again, where I can write and record songs without worrying about any of the bullshit.” 

“Crossing Lines” is also available on all streaming platforms and as an iTunes instant gratification track, meaning fans who pre order the LP today will get the track as a download instantly. The artwork and track listing are available below, along with digital and physical preorders options. (more…)

Rex Brown

Multi-platinum selling artist Rex Brown has signed a worldwide deal with Entertainment One (eOne) with plans to release a debut solo LP later this year.

“I’ve been working on these songs for a long time,” Brown said.

The yet-to-be-titled full-length album will be the first time in Brown’s career in which he will serve as both lead vocalist and guitarist in a band.

“I am thrilled to have such an influential artist like Rex join the growing Entertainment One rock family,” said Scott Givens, SVP Entertainment One. “He’s influenced not just our other artists, but myself as well. It’s an honor for all of us to work with him.”

Brown wields a six-string guitar as confidently as he wore the bass in Pantera and Down. His voice crackles with easygoing spirit and truth-telling power. It’s a crunchy drawl that’s somewhere between the achingly resonant spiritual shamanism of Tom Waits and the instantly recognizable everyman AM radio vibes of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. (more…)


Photos by Greg Maki (more…)

Zacky Vengeance and Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold

Zacky Vengeance and Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold

Celebrating its eighth annual installment, the three-day Rock on the Range festival in Columbus, Ohio, is a lot to endure, but endure we did. Whether you were there as one of the 105,000 diehard rock fans of the sold-out event or, like us, to interview bands and take up shop in the photo pit, you were part of it. If you were kneeling over in the concourse as a casualty of consuming too much alcohol, if you were experiencing your first rock festival or if you were making it your personal campaign for the legalization of marijuana, you were part of it, as well. This one is history. And yes, we’re still looking for some of us.

Now that you’ve had a chance to read my preview I posted days ago, accounting some of the highlights of the long weekend, let’s talk about the actual live performances from a few of the 60 bands on the bill. (more…)

Type O Negative: Kenny Hickey, Johnny Kelly, Peter Steele, Josh Silver

Type O Negative: Kenny Hickey, Johnny Kelly, Peter Steele, Josh Silver

Interview: Johnny Kelly (Danzig, A Pale Horse Named Death, ex-Type O Negative) Part 1: Kill Devil Hill and bands

For gothic metal that focused on death, romance, the occult and a sick, sarcastic humor, Type O Negative became synonymous—there really was “none more negative.” The name says it all. The Brooklyn band—vocalist/bassist Peter Steele, vocalist/guitarist Kenny Hickey, keyboardist Josh Silver and drummer Johnny Kelly—became known as the “drab four,” releasing the smash hit—and Roadrunner Records’ first-ever platinum-selling album—Bloody Kisses in 1993 and the now-classic October Rust in 1996. The band remained active over the next decade, releasing World Coming Down (1999), Life is Killing Me (2003) and Dead Again (2007), becoming one of the most recognized metal bands during its run, providing the Halloween soundtrack for a lifetime.

The band came to a sudden and sad end on April 14, 2010, when Peter Steele died, reportedly from heart failure. Fans like me were devastated. Type O Negative’s music was something we grew up with, and I guess we figured that entity would always be there for us. Well, you know what—it will. That’s the thing about music—it never dies. If kept alive, it can take on a new life of its own and live forever. 

While we interviewed Kill Devil Hill’s new drummer Johnny Kelly about his joining the band, it was inevitable that the conversation would turn to Type O Negative for the band’s former drummer, and that it did. I couldn’t help but act like a gushing fanboy talking to Johnny, remembering the time that was Type O Negative and all that came with it. And Johnny was more than happy to talk about it. Like all of us, he misses it and Peter deeply.

In part two of our interview with Kelly, he tells us how he remembers Type O Negative’s fallen vocalist, the high point of the band’s career and how he plans to incorporate elements of Type O into his reactivated band with Hickey, Seventh Void. (more…)


Kill Devil Hill 2014: Rex Brown, Mark Zavon, Dewey Bragg, Johnny Kelly

Interview: Johnny Kelly Part 2 – Remembering Peter Steele and Type O Negative

I think the entire metal community was surprised when bassist Rex Brown was fired/quit (whatever side you choose to believe) the Phillip Anselmo-led Down in 2011. After all, between Pantera and Down, Rex and Phil had played in bands together for parts of three decades. The departure wasn’t without its drama, as posted here, but what might have been even more surprising was Rex uniting with legendary skins-man Vinny Appice (former Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell and Dio) to form a metal “supergroup” called Kill Devil Hill that same year. Rex describes the band’s music as “like a cross between Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains and a little bit of Led Zeppelin thrown in.” Together with ex-Pissing Razors frontman Dewey Bragg and acclaimed session/touring guitarist Mark Zavon, Kill Devil Hill released its debut, self-titled album in 2012, and then Revolution Rise on Oct. 29, 2013. Not long after, it was announced that Appice had departed the new band he co-founded (on good terms it seems). But with a new record just out, Kill Devil Hill was left unable to tour and support it until they found a new drummer in March 2014, none other than former Type O Negative/A Pale Horse Named Death drummer Johnny Kelly. With Kelly in the fold, Kill Devil Hill is set with a new lineup and shows booked up.

Kelly and Brown also go way back, with Type O Negative having toured with Pantera in 1995. At that time, it would have been hard to imagine the two playing in a band together almost 20 years later. Funny how things work out.

Live Metal’s Jeff Maki recently had a lengthy chat with Kelly, so long that it had to be broken up in two parts. In part one, Kelly talks about his joining Kill Devil Hill, along with a number of other bands he’s still playing in. Did we mention he’s also the touring drummer for Danzig and has two of his own bands? Read on. (more…)

There’s been a lot of news out of the Kill Devil Hill camp recently (the band featuring former Pantera bassist Rex Brown). The band is about to embark on a U.S. tour with hard rockers, Kyng and recently confirmed slots at Rock On The Range and Rocklahoma. And in March 2014, the band welcomed the addition of Type O Negative, Danzig, and A Pale Horse Named Death drummer Johnny Kelly into the fold. We recently spoke at length with Johnny about joining Kill Devil Hill and replacing the legendary Vinnie Appice. (more…)