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Florida death metal legends Obituary return with their self-titled, 10th studio album, further cementing their legacy as one of the most important metal bands of all time!

Picking up where 2014’s Inked In Blood left off, Obituary show no signs of slowing down as they continue to reign as Kings of death metal. Recorded at their home studio in Tampa, FL, Obituary is a 10 track tour-de-force of bone-pulverising death metal that is as heavy, uncompromising and infectious as anything they’ve released in their historic, nearly 30-year career!

Obituary is due out March 17th, 2017 on CD/LP/Digital. Physical and digital pre-orders are available now via Relapse at Get the gory details inside! (more…)

This October/November, metal icons Arch Enemy will be returning to North American soil to tour in support of their new, critically acclaimed album, War Eternal (review). To celebrate this momentous headlining trek, the band will be releasing a split 7″ with Kreator, who are direct support on the run. Available starting at the Baltimore show on October 23, be sure to purchase this exclusive transparent red 7″ (limited to 500 copies) at the merch table; a dark red 7″ (limited to 500 copies) will also be available on Kreator and Arch Enemy’s European tour, which sees Arch Enemy as direct support. (more…)

Earlier this week, metal icons Arch Enemy unleashed their new album, War Eternal (review), across the world, with critics hailing it as their “strongest album in years” (Decibel Magazine). To kick-off the War Eternal campaign, the band launched an extensive European tour, which is currently underway through the rest of the year. In addition to these dates, Arch Enemy will also make their much-anticipated return to North American soil this October/November! Featuring Kreator, Huntress, and Starkill as support, this headlining trek will be the band’s first tour in the States since 2011– and the first US tour to feature new members Alissa White-Gluz (vocals) and Nick Cordle (guitar). View tour dates inside. (more…)

Kreator-Hordes_Of_ChaosI became a Kreator fan long ago with the release of their thrash metal masterpiece, 1990’s Coma of Souls. I still have to spin “When the Sun Burns Red” when I’m feeling the need for some violent thrash. Hordes of Chaos is the German band’s 12th studio album and a no-nonsense return to their early thrash metal sound. Given thrash’s return to prominence in recent years, this makes complete sense for one of the subgenre’s forefathers.The band made a conscious effort to give the album a 100-percent, realistic live feel and recorded everything as such in the studio with little aid from computer technology. (more…)

Dew-Scented: "Retaining the Scars"

Dew-Scented: “Retaining the Scars”

With its new album Incinerate (review), Germany’s Dew-Scented has done what they’ve been doing since the early 1990s, releasing another pummeling record firmly sitting between the subgenres of thrash and death metal. Lead vocalist Leif Jensen dubs the style “extreme thrash,” and who could argue? The album is one metal-thrashing-mad song after another, set off by the first single/video, the vengeful “That’s Why I Despise You.” If that wasn’t enough, Incinerate also features guest performances by guitarist Jeff Waters of Annihilator and vocalist Mille Petrozza of Kreator. Jensen gave’s Jeff Maki a call to chat about the new album, the band’s longevity and … umm …Tori Amos? (more…)