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Eddie Hermida of Suicide Silence

When I interviewed Suicide Silence vocalist, Eddie Hermida in October 2015 (read here), he had a strong statement for fans about the direction of the band’s new album:

We’re looking to burn bridges, man. We’re looking for kids to either sink or swim with us. If you’re at all hesitant about our band, if you don’t get our motives and if you don’t get our position in the world and you don’t get where our music comes from, then you’re gonna be one of those fans that gets left behind. It’s one of those things where this next future, this next road for us is gonna be something that is really gonna put us to the test for ourselves more than anybody else. It’s almost one of those things where it might even completely bomb, and we don’t care. It’s one of those things where we’re literally at a point that we’re not allowed to not take chances anymore. We’re not allowed to play the safe road anymore.

With the release of the new self-titled Suicide Silence record (Feb. 24, 2017,  Nuclear Blast) (read review), Eddie and the band kept their word. Actually, two words: clean vocals. And that’s just the start. Yes, the new album is not safe at all. It all but abandons the band’s deathcore sound and has turned into one of the more controversial metal releases in recent memory. In fact, it’s facing St. Anger/Risk/Illud Divinum Insanus-levels of fan backlash. Acclaimed nu-metal producer Ross Robinson, who was integral in the beginning for bands like Korn, Fear Factory, Limp Bizkit and Slipknot in finding their signature styles, takes Suicide Silence and transforms it into a different band. 

As Suicide Silence is about to hit the road supporting the new album, Eddie called into Live Metal’s Jeff Maki to discuss the stylistic changes of the band, fan reaction to the album and his recent online feud with Australian deathcore band Thy Art is Murder. (more…)

Review by Jeff Maki
When I interviewed vocalist Eddie Hermida in October 2015 (read here), the band was opening for Korn on its self-titled album’s 20th anniversary tour (read review). Produced by Ross Robinson—the producer of the new Suicide Silence album, as well—that album changed the face of metal. Even in the Mitch Lucker-era, the band showed its admiration for Korn, as the band’s 2011 album, The Black Crown had obvious influences. But this new album isn’t strictly influenced by Korn—it takes Robinson’s body of work, combined with Suicide Silence’s vision, and the band undergoes a complete metamorphosis. (more…)


Machine Head

Bay Area Metal Titans Machine Head, have released a brand new single entitled “Is There Anybody Out There?”. The song is available digitally for purchase now on iTunes, AmazonGoogle Play and Nuclear Blast FLAC. In addition, fans can listen to the track now via Spotify, Apple Music, and all other streaming services. Listen inside now! (more…)

From left: Eddie Veliz of Kyng, David Gunn of KING 810 and Rob Halford of Judas Priest.

From left: Eddie Veliz of Kyng, David Gunn of KING 810 and Rob Halford of Judas Priest.

By Greg Maki

Time to look back on another year that was in hard rock and metal. I don’t expect everyone—especially not a lot of very vocal online metal fans—to agree with what you’re about to read, but isn’t that part of what makes this sort of thing so much fun? I veer toward the hard rock side of metal, mostly staying away from the more extreme varieties (I’m sure my brother, Jeff, will cover some of that on his list), and I’m not claiming these are the best albums of 2014, end of discussion. No, these are simply the releases I enjoyed the most and have found myself going back to over and over this year. And oh yeah, rock is not dead. (more…)

Bay Area Metal Titans Machine Head will headline an exclusive tour starting this January, which will span all across North America! No support bands. No locals. Just a crushing two-hour set of pure fucking Machine Head!

“We’re doing ‘An Evening With’ MACHINE HEAD. Meaning: it’ll just be us, folks,” commented guitarist/vocalist Robb Flynn. “We are really excited about the idea, playing longer sets, throwing in some deep cuts, and just having our own world. Promoters in the US seem really stoked about it, some have said it feels like ‘an event’.” View tour dates below. (more…)

Bay Area Metal Titans Machine Head have released the official music video for the song “Now We Die” which can be viewed below. The track comes from their recently released Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut, Bloodstone & Diamonds (review). (more…)

machine-head-bloodstoneReview by Jeff Maki
With Bloodstone & Diamonds, Machine Head has thrown its “headcases” a wicked curveball. To spend more time recording the new album, the band decided to cancel its 2014 fall U.S. tour with Children of Bodom. Fans were disappointed to the extent that a minor online feud was started between followers of the two bands. If the end result is a curveball like this, the unfinished version must have been a down-and-away-slider so far off the plate that even third baseman Pablo Sandoval wouldn’t have been able to connect. (I figured this was a good analogy since the San Francisco Giants just won the 2014 World Series.) The album is surprising in that it is a departure in many ways for Machine Head. If this were a new Metallica or In Flames album, the online ranting would be endless.

Robb Flynn recently wrote in his online blog, The General Journals:

We don’t need to be loved by everyone, in fact when some people don’t like it I know we’re on the right track.

Bloodstone & Diamonds has the potential to divide Machine Head’s fan base. But given the appropriate time and an open mind for this material to sink in, there’s no fucking way that should happen. (more…)

Machine Head, 2014

Machine Head have made their entire Bloodstone & Diamonds album available for streaming. Listen now after the jump. The band’s Nuclear Blast debut will be released on November 07 (Europe) and November 10, 2014 (N. America/UK) on several physical and digital formats. Pre-order the CD, limited edition mediabook, box set, vinyl or the exclusive premium Machine Head guitar edition via this link.

Bloodstone & Diamonds was produced by Robb Flynn & Juan Urteaga (Testament, Vile) and masterfully mixed by Colin Richardson (Carcass, Bullet For My Valentine, Slipknot, Behemoth). Additional tracking, editing, and mixing was done with the legendary Andy Sneap (Exodus, Arch Enemy, Megadeth) and Steve Lagudi. (more…)

Leviathans of Bay Area metal, Machine Head have just released the first album trailer for their Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut, Bloodstone & Diamonds, due out in North America on November 10th. Watch it via the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel inside. (more…)

Not one, but two tracks, “Now We Die” and the album version of “Killers & Kings” have leaked from Machine Head’s upcoming album, Bloodstone & Diamonds (Nov. 10, Nuclear Blast Entertainment) via an iTunes UK Pre-Order page. “Now We Die” can be streamed inside. Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn provided an explanation of the leaked tracks and how the band was going to handle it in his “THE GENERAL JOURNALS: DIARY OF A FRONTMAN… AND OTHER RAMBLINGS” blog which can be found on the band’s official website. (more…)

Bay Area Metal Titans, Machine Head, continue their live domination of North America with the announcement of their 21-show U.S. and Canadian trek in support of their debut studio album for Nuclear Blast Entertainment, due out this fall.

With a devastating line-up that features support from Finnish heavy metal powerhouse Children of Bodom, Dutch symphonic metallers Epica, and American melodic death/thrash openers Battlecross, this epic trek launches on October 4th in Denver, Colorado and includes five Canadian cities before closing out in Hollywood, California on November 1st. View tour dates inside: (more…)

Machine-Head-Burn-My-EyesBy Jeff Maki
Founded by vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn (formerly of thrash metal band Vio-lence) and bassist Adam Duce in 1991, Bay Area thrash metal titans Machine Head will leave behind a surefire legacy as one of the only bands I can recall having two successful eras dominating the metal scene—one from 1994 to 1999 and then again from 2003 to the present day. The Machine Head we all know today—the one that is working on its yet-untitled eighth album—is not the same Machine Head that first broke on the scene. The band started as a formidable street metal act, eventually winning over audiences worldwide with its first two releases, only to ultimately hit a wall with two much-maligned albums, 1999’s The Burning Red (I’m sorry, but I think it’s damn good) and 2001’s Supercharger. After lineup changes and a battle with record labels, they came storming back with a trio of epic thrash metal albums, Through the Ashes of Empires (2003), the now-classic The Blackening (2007) and its most recent studio effort, Unto the Locust (2011). So as we wait for the next album and chapter in Machine Head’s long career, let us celebrate the 20th anniversary of its debut album, Burn My Eyes, by telling you the experience I had with the album and how it helped changed the face of metal for the future. (more…)