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California groove metal band DevilDriver will unleash its seventh studio album, Trust No One, on May 13 via Napalm Records. Today, the band has revealed the tracklist and launched a pre-order for the new record.

Pre-order Trust No One at

Following the success of 2013’s Billboard Top 40 record Winter Kills, Devildriver spent the past three years writing and recording the new album. On the forthcoming record, the band teamed up with producer and previous collaborator Mark Lewis (Cannibal Corpse, Coal Chamber, Holy Grail) at Audio Hammer Studios. (more…)

DevilDriver-BeastReview by Greg Maki
Beast might be the most appropriate album title I’ve ever heard. For a beast is exactly what DevilDriver’s fifth album is. This one rages from start to finish, fueled by something animalistic, primal. The band dialed its fury back a little on its previous effort, Pray for Villains (2009), which now feels like a dam that barely withheld the destruction unleashed on Beast. Even a cover of a country song is a full-on metallic assault. (more…)

DevilDriverPrayforVillainsReview by Greg Maki
DevilDriver’s Pray for Villains, their fourth album, is a truly remarkable effort—as heavy and uncompromising as the band has ever been, yet marked by a newfound accessibility. The biggest change is that rather than relying so much on pure speed (though many of the songs still move at a breakneck pace), they build songs around thrashy grooves that are as catchy as they are heavy. The influence here is more Pantera than death or black metal. (more…)