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Korn-debutSo I decided to spin Korn’s debut album a few weeks ago on a road trip. Why? I’m not entirely sure. As a diehard fan back in the day, I had heard this album, and my friends and I recited the lyrics hundreds upon hundreds of times. I can play the entire album out through my head without even hitting play. It’s a CD I see every day, as I have a copy autographed by all five original band members on my shelf display.

After some thought, I realized why I pulled it out again. For my own curiosity, I wanted to revisit Korn, not to have something to write about, or for nostalgia. I wanted to hear how the music, and the 12 songs that make up the album—from “Blind” to “Daddy”— sound today, 20 years later. After two decades of trends, genres and sub-genres and the enormous wealth of music I have taken in over that time while growing up into an adult, I wanted to know what the original appeal was, what made me become obsessed with Korn and if I still could get enjoyment from spinning this record. (more…)

Municipal Waste get "Lost in Space"

Municipal Waste get “Lost in Space”

First they “wasted us all.” Then they “mutated” us and had a party about it. Next, they got all “aggressive” on our ass, and now they’re taking us towhere else?—space. On its latest crossover thrash effort, The Fatal FeastWaste in Space (April 10, 2012, Nuclear Blast), Municipal Waste is the same great band that helped bring thrash metal back in the early 2000s. But after the more serious tone of 2009’s Massive Aggressive, the fun-loving Waste is back, telling a sci-fi zombie horror story with a lot of drinking and partying along the way. Prior to its release, Live Metal’s Jeff Maki talked to vocalist Tony Foresta about the album, perceptions of the band and the state of thrash metal. (more…)

Municipal Waste's Ryan Waste: "An In-Studio Report?"

Municipal Waste’s Ryan Waste: “An In-Studio Report?”

There’s old school, new school, crossover, hardcore-punk, the Big Four shows, the potential “new big four” and the list goes on. Long story short—thrash metal is back. But the thing is, I saw Municipal Waste doing this live back in 2006, when no one else was. They were the first band I heard playing this style of old-school thrash in years. Four albums later, the band has gained a loyal following and been credited with sparking the resurgence. During the recording of its upcoming album for new label Nuclear Blast (tentative release date in early 2012), guitarist Ryan Waste checked in with’s Jeff Maki to talk about life in the studio, the Big Four and more. But wait—was Ryan really in the studio? Surely he wasn’t partying it up, was he? We’re not entirely sure, so we’ll let you decide. One thing is certain: Municipal Waste once again will be looking to “fuck you up” in 2012. (more…)

Join Evile's "Cult"

Join Evile’s “Cult”

Are you Skeptical about Metallica’s collaboration with Lou Reed? Or maybe as great of an album as Death Magnetic was, you thought it was a tad overrated? Do you long for the days of Master of Puppets or … And Justice for All? Sure, you always could take a trip down memory lane by spinning those albums, or you could try listening to U.K. thrashers Evile. Hailed by many as one of the “New Big Four” of thrash metal, Evile—led by brothers Matt (rhythm guitarist/vocalist) and Ol Drake (guitarist)—recapture the glory of those classic albums while also taking thrash forward into the 21st century. (more…)

evile-serpentsOK, now with their third album, Five Serpent’s Teeth, can we argue that the U.K.’s Evile—hailed as one of the “New Big Four” of thrash metal—finally can put the comparisons to classic Metallica to rest?

No way—are you fucking kidding me? “Eternal Empire” clearly has shades of, if not a striking resemblance to “Disposable Heroes” within its thrashing notes, and the album closer, “Long Live the New Flesh,” sounds remarkably similar to a song that closed out a classic 1988 album. But you know what? That’s OK. Obviously, the band had its influences growing up, and if they naturally let these influences come up in their playing, then yes, you will hear familiar riffs and styles. (more…)


“Forbidden is back, riding the ‘Omega Wave'”

Albums followed, but they never came close to reaching the heights of that album. Consequently, the band eventually disbanded in 1997 and members went their separate ways. But then in 2008, with a newly, widespread second wave of thrash metal in full stride, Forbidden reformed for some one-off reunion shows, only to sign with Nuclear Blast Records and eventually officially reform and record Omega Wave (review), their first studio album in 13 years. As the band prepares for a U.S. tour with thrash legends Overkill,’s Jeff Maki checked in with longtime Forbidden bassist Matt Camacho.  (more…)

watain-lawlessSweden’s Watain already has made a name for itself in the Scandanavian black metal scene and rapidly is becoming one of the more talked about extreme metal bands. With a rather violent image and an equally vile sound, Lawless Darkness is old-school black metal. The “Satanic ritual” live show looks like a splatterfest, and the band features former members of Dissection. (more…)

accused-martha-splatterThe Accused—I thought that name sounded familiar. I apologize to all of the underground purists out there, but apparently I was only 9 years old when this band released its debut album, The Return of Martha Splatterhead (the first release from Earache Records). So this is my first real taste of the band. Underground punk metal icons or not, The Curse of Martha Splatterhead is a noisy, raw and difficult record to take in.  (more…)

SSS Div LineLiverpool, England’s ShortSharpShock, better known as “SSS,” is a crossover skater/thrash band. The Dividing Line is their second full-length album for Earache Records. Since the early 1980s, thrash metal and punk rock have been heavily associated with the skating lifestyle. The music was dubbed “crossover,” as it combined thrash metal and hardcore punk. Bands like Suicidal Tendencies, Minor Threat, D.R.I., S.O.D. and even Anthrax were labeled as this and their music was often used as a backdrop and was popular in the scene. Something happened a few years ago when Municipal Waste helped open the doors to a thrash metal revival. The gasket blew off of the whole goddamn thing and bands have emerged all over the world, spawning the New Wave of Thrash Metal. (more…)

warbringer-war-without-endCall it a revival’ call it a comeback or call it the latest trend. Call it anything you want, but it’s officially here: the New Wave of American Thrash Metal. Bands are forming, playing shows, getting signed and releasing albums left and right. The latest of this new breed of thrash is Warbringer, releasing their debut album, War Without End, on Century Media Records. (more…)

skeleton-frostRemember when Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer were at their peak? When high schoolers wore jean jackets with logo patches and combat boots, and when long hair was in? Of course you do. The Bay Area thrash scene was alive and kicking, ushering in a new battalion of metal bands and fans all across the country. Now, think back to the lesser but still formidable group of thrash bands that formed around the same time or thereafter: Testament, Overkill, Exodus, Forbidden, etc. This is who I would best compare Ohio’s Skeletonwitch to. (more…)

3inchesofblood“Enemies of metal, your death is our reward” is one of the many metal, if not cliched lyrics found within Advance And Vanquish. 3 Inches Of Blood try to recapture the scene of the mid 80s when Judas Priest and Iron Maiden were the undisputed metal gods and lyrical content dealt with dragons, demons and orcs. (more…)