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Review by Greg Maki
I did not read the press release accompanying Carving Desert Canyons, the second album from Scale the Summit, before popping the disc into my car stereo. All I knew was that the band was a recent signing by Prosthetic Records. So it was about halfway through the second song that I realized I was hearing something of a rarity today—an instrumental metal band. Maybe the success of Guitar Hero has created more of a place for bands like this in the public consciousness because, let me tell you, a Scale the Summit song would be one of those hard ones you have to unlock and gamers then record themselves playing to post on YouTube. (more…)

infernaeon-symphonyInfernaeon’s A Symphony of Suffering combines devastating Floridian death metal with the symphonic element of European black metal. The result is a raw, malevolent sound that, after repetition, slithers up your tingling spine, making you feel as if you’re witness to an unholy orchestra of the undead. (more…)


Ideals fall, but All That Remains rises

A dynamic new album (The Fall of Ideals, on Prosthetic Records – READ REVIEW) and a spot on Ozzfest 2006 elevated Massachusetts’ All That Remains to headliner status in early 2007, when they played a string of sold-out shows across the United States. Prior to playing to a packed house at Jaxx in Springfield, Va., frontman Phil Labonte sat down with Greg Maki and Jeff Maki of to discuss the band’s success, the new release, his past with Shadows Fall and more. (more…)