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ragnarok_psychoReview by Jeff Maki
Have you ever listened to so much extreme metal that everything starts to sound like Morbid Angel? They really were the forefathers of extreme metal, weren’t they? “Dominance & Submission,” the opening track of Norwegian black metal band Ragnarok’s eighth album, Psychopathology, instantly brought the legends to mind. Then there was the oncoming apocalypse that is Ragnarok. (more…)

Amon Amarth & The Quest for Fire

Amon Amarth & The Quest for Fire

“Surtur rules the flame land of Muspelheim, a realm of fire. This realm is one of the Nine Worlds unified by the world tree, Yggdrasill, and it is home to the Fire Demons, or the Sons of Muspell.

“An ancient prophecy written by Snorri Sturluson in the first book of Prose Edda named Gylfaginning, tells of Ragnarök, a series of events signaling the end of the world. Surtur will ultimately set the world afire with his flaming sword.

“The prophecy reads:

“‘In the midst of this clash and din the heavens are rent in twain, and the sons of Muspel come riding through the opening. Surtur rides first, and before him and after him flames burning fire. He has a very good sword, which shines brighter than the sun.'”

LIVE METAL’s Jeff Maki recently spoke to guitarist Johan Söderberg, answering questions about the legend behind the band’s new album, Surtur Rising, along with the many other stories of Amon Amarth’s to share. (more…)