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Body Count

These days, most know Ice-T from the hit TV show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, but between his days as a world-famous rapper and the show, he and his pal, Ernie Cunnigan (better known as Ernie C.), who he met while they both attended Crenshaw High School in Compton, California, started a punk-metal band called Body Count. I was in high school when the band released its debut album in 1992, featuring the controversial song “Cop Killer.” 

What many deemed a side project at the time now has lasted 25 years. It’s been a long ride but not an easy one. Three band members have passed, but Ice and Ernie C. have remained. Despite never really going away during Ice’s 16 years playing detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola on SVU, Body Count had somewhat of a resurgence in 2014, with the release of its album, Manslaughter (featuring “Talk Shit, Get Shot”), and touring on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. But was this just a novelty act reliving the glory days? We probably wouldn’t hear from back the band for a while after this, right? Wrong.

With the current unrest and political state of the world, Body Count once again has a lot to get off its chest and its back with what is sure to be another controversial new album called Bloodlust, due March 31, 2017 (pre-order the album here). Now a “full-on” metal band (as Ernie C. told  me), the new release features guest spots from Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe and Sepultura/Soulfly legend Max Cavalera, along with a Slayer cover medley. And there’s already been some feathers ruffled with the first single, “No Lives Matter.” Yeah, Body Count never has been a band to shy away from the cold, hard truth and tell things from its perspective.

Prior to the album’s release, Ernie C. called in to Live Metal’s Jeff Maki to discuss Body Count’s career, the prejudice the band faced in its early days and the new album. (more…)

Slayer (photo by Andrew Stuart)

There are many perilous ways one can spend time off—volcano-boarding down Cerro Negro, Nicaragua’s active volcano, or maybe bungee jumping from a helicopter over the bubbling crater of Chile’s Villarrica volcano. How about a visit to Sao Paulo’s Snake Island, home of 4,000 golden lancehead vipers whose venom can melt human flesh? Or shark diving without a cage in South Africa? But nothing is quite as hazardous or risky as a night in the pit at a Slayer concert. Add to that the ferociousness of Lamb of God and Behemoth, and you’ve got a Satan-approved triple bill of Biblical proportions.

The six-week expedition will rage across North America beginning July 12 in Bemidji, Minnesota, winding up in Phoenix, Arizona, on Aug. 20. Slayer and Lamb of Godalso will play Wisconsin’s Rock Fest 2017 (July 13) and Rock USA 2017 (July 15), and then meet up with Behemoth at the Chicago Open Air Festival on July 16. Tickets go on sale this Friday, March 3; log on to for all purchasing details. (more…)


Lamb Of God

When Lamb of God recorded last year’s VII: Sturm und Drang, they held onto a song they felt was special enough to stand on its own: “The Duke.” The track, which finds frontman Randy Blythe singing about mortality, is dedicated to Wayne Ford, a fan of the band whom the singer befriended in late 2012. Ford was suffering from leukemia and after Blythe heard his story – captured on the band’s website – it left a profound impact on him.

To honor Ford, the group is releasing an EP, also titled The Duke, which features the hard-rock–leaning song along with another unreleased track that dates back to their Wrath LP, the thrashy, heavy “Culling,” which they finished up especially for this EP, along with live recordings of three Sturm und Drangtracks. (more…)


Photos by Greg Maki (more…)


Photos by Greg Maki (more…)

Corrosion of Conformity, from left: Pepper Keenan, Woody Weatherman, Reed Mullin and Mike Dean.

Corrosion of Conformity, from left: Pepper Keenan, Woody Weatherman, Reed Mullin and Mike Dean.

Corrosion of Conformity, or COC, has a long, complicated history, starting with its formation in the early 1980s as a punk band and enduring a multitude of lineup changes until reaching the peak of its popularity in the ‘90s. After the band went on hiatus in 2006, the trio that recorded the 1985 album Animosity—bassist/vocalist Mike Dean, guitarist Woody Weatherman and drummer Reed Mullin—reunited in 2010 to tour and eventually release two new albums. Last year saw the return of guitarist/vocalist Pepper Keenan, who had spent nearly a decade focusing on the supergroup Down, completing the reunion of the classic ‘90s lineup responsible for albums such as Deliverance (1994) and Wiseblood (1996). Writing is underway for a new album, possibly to be released later in 2016, and the band is hitting the road for a few headlining shows before a longer tour with Lamb of God and Clutch. Live Metal’s Greg Maki recently caught up with Mullin to talk about the tour, the reunion, the new album and more. (more…)

Review by Greg Maki

The hottest ticket in metal this winter undoubtedly is Lamb of God’s first U.S. headlining tour in support of its latest album, VII: Sturm und Drang, released last summer. The Richmond, Virginia-based band has grown steadily through the years to a point where it could fill the venues it’s playing on this tour on its own. But on this run, it chose to repay an old debt, bringing out Anthrax, which, as vocalist Randy Blythe said onstage, took Lamb of God on tour 12 years ago, becoming the first of the “big four” to take a chance on them. It was a near perfect match, and on this frigid January night, fans of both bands packed the sold-out Fillmore to take in some of the very best in American metal today. (more…)

Lamb of God

Lamb of God

Lamb of God has announced a January/February 2016 headlining tour of the United States featuring direct support from Anthrax. Additional support will come from two more band to be announced soon. The tour will start Jan. 15 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and wrap Feb. 12 in Los Angeles, California. All confirmed tour dates are below. (more…)

Review by Greg Maki
On May 24, 2010, American metal band Lamb of God played a show at a small club called Abaton in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. It was a chaotic scene, even by the standards of this act’s extreme genre. The stage was barely large enough to accommodate the band and its equipment; security either was nonexistent or not doing its job; the barricade flush with the stage, providing no separation between the band and the crowd; and with nothing and no one to stop them, fans were free to climb onto the stage—and there was no way of knowing what their intentions might be. One of those fans, a 19-year-old man named Daniel, either leapt or was pushed from the stage, hit his head and died a month later.

Lamb of God frontman D. Randall Blythe, better known as Randy, was accused of the push that caused the fatal injury. More than two years later, when the band returned to Prague for the first time since that night, Czech police officers were waiting to arrest Blythe at the airport. The charge: manslaughter: The penalty if found guilty: five to 10 years imprisonment. (more…)


Rock on the Range 2013. Photos by Greg Maki. (more…)



HellYeah bands together for new album
Guitarist Tom Maxwell talks ‘Band of Brothers,’ Volbeat tour and more

HellYeah’s newly released third album, Band of Brothers, is the kind of heavy, aggressive record many fans have been hoping for since the news of a band featuring members of Pantera, Damageplan, Mudvayne and Nothingface first broke. Guitarist Tom Maxwell feels that way, too. Prior to the last show of HellYeah’s tour supporting Volbeat, Live Metal’s Greg Maki sat down with Maxwell to discuss the new album, Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe’s incarceration in the Czech Republic and more. (more…)

Volbeat, from left: Michael Poulsen, Anders Kjolholm and Jon Larsen

Volbeat, from left: Michael Poulsen, Anders Kjolholm and Jon Larsen

Volbeat conquers America
An interview with drummer Jon Larsen

Denmark’s Volbeat has been one of metal’s biggest international success stories in recent years. Propelled by a pair of No. 1 singles at Active Rock Radio (“A Warrior’s Call” and “Still Counting”), tours with Metallica and Megadeth, and their own headlining runs, the band has become a force in the American metal scene. On the last day of their summer U.S. tour with HellYeah and Iced Earth, Live Metal’s Greg Maki sat down with drummer Jon Larsen backstage at Rams Head Live in Baltimore to talk about Volbeat’s breakout success, Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe’s incarceration in the Czech Republic and more. (more…)