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Hollywood Undead

Los Angeles rap-rock group Hollywood Undead have premiered its new music video for the title track of its forthcoming album, “Day of the Dead” via the Rock on the Range website (Watch here). The follow-up to the 2013 album Notes From the UndergroundDay of the Dead will be released March 31. View album info inside.


faith_no_more_the_real_thingIt was 1989, and for many of us, the music video “Epic” was our introduction to Faith No More. These guys were clearly a bunch of weirdos, but that song and video were infectious as hell. You have this singer in high-top sneakers and funky, bright-colored ’80s clothes, a strange looking guitarist with nerdy glasses, and keyboards. And let’s not forget the infamous flopping fish at the end of the video, an image burned into the minds of millions of people. What was this band? Rap? Rock? Metal? Elements of each are in the song. I wasn’t sure what to think at first, but something drove me and many others to purchase the album. (more…)