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Review by Greg Maki
I became aware of The Wild!, a smokin’ rock band from Canada, last fall when the quartet opened for Airbourne on the Australian rockers’ U.S. tour. As it turns out, that’s a near-perfect way to orient yourself for what to expect on Wild at Heart, The Wild!’s full-length debut release. (The band released an EP, GxDxWxB, in 2015.) But while Airbourne comes across as Brian Johnson-era AC/DC on steroids, The Wild! reaches back further, blasting out anthem after anthem soaked in a bluesy, Bon Scott-like swagger, couched in a punk rock attitude and all pure rock ‘n’ roll. (more…)

Bigelf are set to release their new album Into The Maelstrom on April 1 via InsideOut Music, and the band have made a free download available of the brand new track “Alien Frequency.” You can head to this special Bigelf page and grab the song now:

Fans can also find a special EPK clip on the page, which gives a little insight into the making of Into The Maelstrom through interviews with Damon Fox.

The band also recently released a lyric video for the song “Control Freak” which can be viewed inside: (more…)

Steven Adler "Loses the Appetite"

Steven Adler “Loses the Appetite”

Between his run in Guns N’ Roses and and his own band, Adler’s Appetite, drummer Steven Adler basically has been playing the same album live for 25 years—you guessed it—Appetite for Destruction. Finally, in 2012, Adler has decided to move on, forming a new band named—you guessed it—Adler. The band formed after a chance meeting in Hollywood between Adler and vocalist Jacob Bunton (Lynam, Mars Electric) and Adler’s Appetite guitarist Lonny Paul. From there, things quickly came together and Adler has released its first album, Back from the Dead (November 26, 2012). (more…)

Vains of Jenna back with a new singer and a big "Fuck You"

Vains of Jenna back with a new singer and a big “Fuck You”

That’s right, a “fuck you” and a “fuck her, too.” If those lyrics sound familiar it’s because they belong to the hit Cee Lo Green song, one of many songs, new and old, that Swedish sleaze rock band Vains of Jenna covers on its new release, Reverse Tripped (April 5, 2011, Cleopatra Records).

Vains of Jenna is no stranger to Live Metal. In our early days, they were one of the first bands we formed a real relationship with. According to drummer Jacki Stone, he did his first real interviews with our site back in 2007, first with the release of their debut album, Lit Up/Let Down, and then while opening a U.S. summer tour with Poison and Ratt. How about that? (more…)

baroness_blue_recordStoner metal? Sludge? Call it what you want, but Baroness’ Blue Record is an all around great rock record. After reading the enormous amount of praise from both fans and critics, I knew this was something I needed to hear. After hearing “The Sweetest Curse,” I was impressed and intrigued, but it was their video/song “A Horse Called Golgotha” that really set me off—a riff-heavy, stoner-rock anthem—pure rock fury that had me pumping my fist to the colossal chorus.

For those who think Mastodon is the current king of Sabbath-heavy, sludge metal, give Blue Record a try. And that’s not a knock on Mastodon, it’s just that Blue Record is that damn good. (more…)

The_69_Eyes_DevilsThough Finland’s The 69 Eyes have been around for some time, they have only recently gotten U.S. exposure, played their first show here earlier this year. Sure the band may look like Misfits wannabes, but their music is damn good. This band uses their image as a marketing tool, but its not about looks.  (more…)

Avenged-Sevenfold-–-City-of-EvilAvenged Sevenfold is one of the slew of metalcore bands that broke out in the last few years. But after their last release, Waking the Fallen, they clearly were leaps and bounds ahead of most others of the genre. The album was solid metalcore with a punk vibe, Swedish metal elements, excellent vocals and memorable songs.

If you have heard Avenged Sevenfold before then City of Evil will be somewhat of a shock on first listen. The band has abandoned most of its old sound in favor of a cross between Guns N’ Roses, old-school metal and punk rock. This is dirty, in-your-face rock n’ roll. (more…)