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edguy-rocket-rideThough the band has been around since 1997, besides a few snippets and mp3s on the Internet, Rocket Ride was my official introduction to Germany’s Edguy. And what an introduction it was! This music is retro metal in top form, or “Powerglam,” as the band describes themselves. Think late 80s Iron Maiden and Savatage, throw in some catchy electronics, a ridiculous sense of humor, and you get Edguy. The band is way over the top (maybe too much so for newer metalheads), but metal fans yearning for the genre’s glory days have found a blessing in Rocket Ride. (more…)


Edguy’s “Fucking With Fire”

Though they are one of Europe’s leading power metal bands, Germany’s Edguy remain largely unknown in the United States. With influences ranging from classic to hair metal, the band is completely over-the-top, even deeming themselves “Hair Force One” in the lyrics on its new album, Rocket Ride (review). Though they say they aren’t a parody or comedic act, it’s hard to listen to Edguy without having the music bring a smile to your face.

Live-Metal’s Jeff Maki recently spoke to guitarist Jens Ludwig about the making of Rocket Ride, the band’s image and possible efforts to introduce American audiences to their music. (more…)