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North Carolina’s Wretched (without a “The”) had its biggest break as a band playing the 2014 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, supporting its latest release,
Cannibal (June 10, 2014, Victory Records). It’s safe to say they were one of the more extreme bands on the bill, but when it comes to categorizing Wretched’s music into a particular metal subgenre, it’s nearly impossible. When I wandered over and saw them on the first-ever Victory Records Stage, I thought this same thing. I was at a loss for words (and hearing), either because I was worn out from the long drive to Bristow, Va., or because my ears were being obliterated by this sonic mayhem. With machine-like drumming, dual guitarists churning out nonstop evil riffs and a singer who looked like Phil Anselmo after a trip to hell and back, Wretched left a lasting impression. So when I met up with guitarist Joel Moore after their set, we at least had a little to talk about for a band I was otherwise unfamiliar with. Until now …  (more…)

In what was probably my favorite interview I did during the Bristow, Va., stop of the 2014 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, I sat down with Kthien, guitarist of Canadian black metallers Erimha (while still in his stagewear and warpaint from performing earlier). The band name means “army” or “legion” in Sumerian, and many fans were greeted with Erimha’s war cry from the Victory Records stage as they entered the festival during the early afternoon hours. In broad daylight, these black metal warriors stood out like a 35-year-old man attending a Warped Tour show (like me a few years ago). However, they were an instant draw and no doubt one of the most talked about bands of the day. Erimha is out supporting its latest release, 
Reign Through Immortality (July 9, 2013), so what better showcase than the Mayhem Festival? But what makes this band tick? What do they really believe in? Like other black metal bands such as Behemoth, do Erimha’s stage show, lyrics and album tie together for a greater meaning? Kthien answered all my questions and more inside. (more…)

New Jersey’s Ill Nino burst on the scene in the early 2000s with its unique style of Latin-infused metal and joined bands like Incubus, hed (P.E.), Soulfly and others in the second tier of the burgeoning American nu-metal scene. With hit albums like its debut,
Revolution Revolución (2001) and Confession (2003), and the rock radio singles “What Comes Around” and “How Can I Live,”  Ill Nino shortly thereafter disappeared after its five-year run. Or did they? After a couple more albums —2005’s One Nation Underground and 2008’s Enigma (which up until now I wasn’t even aware existed)—Ill Nino resurfaced on Chicago-based hardcore, punk and metal label Victory Records. After releasing Dead New World in 2010 and Epidemia in 2012 (again, both of which I was unaware), according to the band, they believe they have released one of its best yet in Till Death, La Familia (July 22, 2014). But the band says, “Don’t call it a comeback, they’ve been here for years.” That may be the case, but now we have living proof with Ill Nino playing the first-ever Victory Records stage on the 2014 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, a showcase alongside labelmates, Erimha, Wretched, Islander and Emmure. It was at the Bristow, Va., stop of the tour at Jiffy Lube Live where I caught up with longtime bassist Laz Pina and its rhythm guitarist since 2006, Diego Verduzco. We talked about the band’s experience on Mayhem Festival, Ill Nino’s fan base, the band’s alleged existence since 2003 and a little more. 

Of course, I’m joking. It’s good to see Ill Nino once again in the spotlight and releasing an excellent new album. Welcome back. (more…)


Korn performing during the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, August 3, 2014 – Bristow, Va. Photo courtesy of

By Jeff Maki
Twenty years ago, I bought a CD solely based on liking the album cover art—a shadow of an intimidating figure with a hook hand stalking a little girl on a playground swing—and the music contained inside went on to impact the next several years of my life. So when vocalist Jonathan Davis introduced the band’s closing song, “Blind” on this date of the 2014 Mayhem Festival, he led into it by shouting,  “This is the motherfuckin’ one that started it all!” Why yes, it was. It was the first Korn song many fans ever heard, and now in 2014, we’ve come full circle. Read the full live recap inside. (more…)

You_Can't_Stop_Me_(Suicide_Silence)Review by Jeff Maki
Former Suicide Silence vocalist Mitch Lucker’s accident that claimed his life on Halloween night 2012 was tragic and unimaginable for his band and family to endure. Many probably figured it was the end for Suicide Silence and rightfully so. But in the following months, after a grieving period and a tribute show for Lucker, the band announced its intention to continue, ultimately recruiting All Shall Perish frontman Eddie Hermida to “Inherit the Crown.”


rt-mayhemRevolver Magazine has teamed with Razor & Tie to offer you a free download sampler featuring some of the latest tracks from the label’s artists including All That Remains, Protest the Hero, Kyng, Chelsea Grin, Attila, and more. You can check it out, listen, and download inside. (more…)

American death metal icons, Cannibal Corpse, are pleased to announce the release of their thirteenth full-length entitled A Skeletal Domain. View full album details and listen to the album track “Sadistic Embodiment” inside. (more…)

King 810’s has premiered its official music video for “Fat Around The Heart,” from the upcoming debut album, Memoirs Of A Murderer due August 19, 2014 via Roadrunner Records. Watch the new video inside and find out more about this recently controversial band. (more…)

Before slaying the stage at the 2014 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, Wretched have just premiered their latest visual masterpiece for the single “Wetiko”. Taken from their latest release Cannibal, the hypnotizing and engaging “Wetiko” prove Wretched’s aversion to the mediocre and reaffirm their place in the American metal arena. Watch “Wetiko” inside now. (more…)

The video for “You Can’t Stop Me,” the title track off Suicide Silence’s upcoming album of the same name & the very last song with lyrics penned by late vocalist Mitch Lucker can be viewed inside. Returning to the director’s chair after two Suicide Silence videos – 2011’s “You Only Live Once” & 2012’s “Slaves To Substance” – is Nathan Cox (Marilyn Manson, DevilDriver). (more…)

"On with the Body Count"

Body Count featuring Ice-T, 2014

With the exciting and unexpected news that a new Body Count album called Manslaughter would be dropping (June 10, 2014, Sumerian Records), once again I find myself in a retro type of mood. For the new generation of rock and metal fans, the band Body Count—led by gangsta-rapper-turned-actor Ice-T—is all but unknown. Ice-T, you say? The same Ice-T that plays a detective on NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit? The same Ice-T who’s been a star of reality television? Yes, that Ice-T. As unexpected as this may sound as I write about it today, just think about how surprising or even shocking this was more than 20 years ago as I attempt to recount my memory of Body Count’s 1992 self-titled debut album and the chain of events that followed. (more…)

John 5

John 5

Of rats and lords: An interview with John 5

As Rob Zombie’s musical partner in crime for the past eight years, an accomplished solo artist, a sought-after songwriter and, now, the composer of a full-length film score, John 5 has become one of the most prolific purveyors of rock music, long ago shedding the label of “former Marilyn Manson guitarist.” With his two latest endeavors—Rob Zombie’s new album, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, April 23, and the musical score of Zombie’s new film, Lords of Salem, April 19—due out soon and Zombie’s just-announced headlining stint on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival coming up this summer, John 5 recently checked in with Live Metal’s Greg Maki. (more…)