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Florida death metal legends Obituary return with their self-titled, 10th studio album, further cementing their legacy as one of the most important metal bands of all time!

Picking up where 2014’s Inked In Blood left off, Obituary show no signs of slowing down as they continue to reign as Kings of death metal. Recorded at their home studio in Tampa, FL, Obituary is a 10 track tour-de-force of bone-pulverising death metal that is as heavy, uncompromising and infectious as anything they’ve released in their historic, nearly 30-year career!

Obituary is due out March 17th, 2017 on CD/LP/Digital. Physical and digital pre-orders are available now via Relapse at Get the gory details inside! (more…)

Review by Greg Maki
Stone Temple Pilots’ self-titled album, their sixth studio release and first since 2001’s Shangri-La Dee Da, surely is not the worst rock album of 2010, but it might be the most inessential. What happened to the ballsy, bombastic nature of Core (1992) or the adventurous spirit and huge hooks of their one true masterpiece, Tiny Music (1996)? Stone Temple Pilots plays like Shangri-La Dee Da Part 2, lacking anything resembling real fire and energy. (more…)

hatebreedIs it safe to say that Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta is the best thing to come from MTV the last 10 years?

Granted, he was already fronting Hatebreed before then, but God knows the network hasn’t done anything near as cool as what Jasta and his band have done just with this self-titled album alone, much less Hatebreed’s prior work. Given that he’s the founder and overall face of Hatebreed, Jasta is front and center on this album and he delivers his usual punishing performance. (more…)

dismemberI have longed thought that Entombed’s classic death metal album Clandestine had the most sinister, downtuned, coolest-sounding guitars ever recorded. I’ve been on a search for that sound that rips through my speakers ever since. My search finally has ended with another long-running, prominent Swedish metal band. Dismember’s new self titled album is “true Swedish death metal,” just as it is marketed. This fucker is fast and brutal. And the guitars! My god, the guitars! They make me cringe. Dismember formed way back in 1988 and is credited with helping to propel the death metal genre. Every once in a while, music apparently needs one of its veterans to step forward and deliver the new school a swift kick in the ass. Death metal is no exception. (more…)

A7X-selfAfter the phenomenal success of Avenged Sevenfold’s 2005 album, City of Evil—which spawned the mega-hit single “Bat Country,” “Beast and the Harlot” and the GNR-style ballad, “Seize the Day”—the follow-up has a lot to live up to. City of Evil was a controversial album for longtime fans of the band, given its new style, but it was a breakthrough on so many levels, making Avenged Sevenfold a household name in rock music. Their new self-titled release follows the same path as its predecessor, but the band has trimmed things in places, making songs even more accessible, while adding new surprises at the same time. (more…)