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nailbomb_point-blankFor years, there had been widespread rumors and speculation about a reunion of the classic lineup of Sepultura—the Brazilian thrash and death metal band that was viewed as deities in the ’90s metal scene. However, with Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser and original vocalist/guitarist Max Cavalera putting those thoughts to rest repeatedly in the press, the closest to a Sepultura reunion fans probably will ever see is Max and his drummer/brother Igor in The Cavalera Conspiracy. So what we have had for years is the current—and still solid—Sepultura lineup with Derrick Green as vocalist and Max’s own band, his “baby,” Soulfly. But what this ugly split, and sometimes dispute, has done for over the past decade is allow Max to bring us some of the most exciting new bands, collaborations and side projects, some of which may have never have happened otherwise. (more…)

baroness_blue_recordStoner metal? Sludge? Call it what you want, but Baroness’ Blue Record is an all around great rock record. After reading the enormous amount of praise from both fans and critics, I knew this was something I needed to hear. After hearing “The Sweetest Curse,” I was impressed and intrigued, but it was their video/song “A Horse Called Golgotha” that really set me off—a riff-heavy, stoner-rock anthem—pure rock fury that had me pumping my fist to the colossal chorus.

For those who think Mastodon is the current king of Sabbath-heavy, sludge metal, give Blue Record a try. And that’s not a knock on Mastodon, it’s just that Blue Record is that damn good. (more…)

acacia-strain-dead-walkThe Acacia Strain’s intent is to pummel the listener from start to finish with their new release The Dead Walk. But amidst the wall of grungy, down-tuned guitars and guttural vocals, it falls flat. (more…)