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Fear Factory

The pioneers of industrial-tinged extreme metal, Fear Factory, will embark on a U.S. headlining tour next month. Support on the trek, which will see the band perform its classic second album Demanufacture in its entirety, will come from Swedish metallers Soilwork.

“To me this album sounds not one day older today than it did in 1995,” stated guitarist Dino Cazares, “It’s a metal classic for the ages and I’m excited that we are finally going to be able to perform it live in its entirety + songs from Genexus. Play fearlessly.” View tour dates and info inside!


Metal icons, Soulfly, have released a lyric video for the brand new song “We Sold Our Souls To Metal.”  The song comes from their upcoming 10th studio album, Archangel, which will be released on August 14th (worldwide) via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. “I am so proud to be releasing Soulfly’s tenth album,” previously stated founder/vocalist/guitarist Max Cavalera. “I feel it is my most mystic album since Prophecy. The guest collaborations have always been a trademark of Soulfly and Archangel is no different! We can’t wait to play this live for the worldwide tribe!” Watch the lyric video and check out the full details of Archangel inside. (more…)

Metal icons Soulfly, will embark on a monumental North American headlining tour starting September 30th in Los Angeles, CA! The band will be supporting their upcoming vicious new release Archangel, which was produced by Matt Hyde (Slayer ,Children of Bodom) and which will be released on August 14th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Joining them on this epic campaign are Swedish melodic-death metal visionaries Soilwork, Polish technical death metallers Decapitated, and hot newcomers Shattered Sun. “This is a great package and brutal lineup,” commented the legendary frontman Max Cavalera. “I personally am a fan of all these bands and it’s an honor to have them touring with us!  See you in the pit!” View tour dates inside. (more…)

amaranthe-massive-addictiveReview by Jeff Maki
When I first heard Amaranthe a short time ago, I immediately pegged them for a band that someone like Kerrang would be all over. Featuring three vocalists—the beautiful siren, Elize Ryd; the death metal guy, Henrik Englund; and a power metal guy who looks like he was plucked out of Linkin Park’s lineup, Jake E.—they would have been all the rage and graced every metal magazine cover at Tower Records years ago. They’re pretty, slick and polished. I don’t know about magazine covers, but I can tell you their music video for “The Nexus” has an astounding 6.3 million views to date on YouTube, and the band proudly boasts they have 50 million plays on Spotify. Yet here in the U. S., they are still unknown. Will that change with the release of its third album, Massive Addictive?

Following the debut 2011 self titled album and the 2013 breakthrough album, The Nexus, the new album title makes perfect sense, because even for fans that are drawn to the more extreme metal bands, Amaranthe’s Soilwork/Epica/Linkin Park combination of styles molds death metal, pop, techno and power metal into a sound that is indeed massively addictive. (more…)


Review by Jeff Maki
As I write this, Siren Charms’ official release date is still a few days away, but going off of early fan reactions and online reviews, you would think In Flames was releasing Load or St. Anger. (The album was made available for streaming prior to release.) While Siren Charms may not be In Flames’ best, the Swedish legends have a lot to offer on their 11th studio album. Most of the criticism I’ve seen has been way off base. Did anyone even listen to the album?  (more…)

200x200soilworkReview by Jeff Maki
A double album is an ambitious prospect in this day and age of instant downloads and a singles-driven musical climate. But that’s just what Swedish melodeath legends Soilwork has done with The Living Infinite, the first of its kind for the influential subgenre.


Soilwork: "An Ocean Between Us"

Soilwork: “An Ocean Between Us”

As this interview approached, my anticipation grew more and more. After all, if you’ve read some of my other interviews and reviews, you probably have found out that Swedish metal bands like In Flames, Dark Tranquility, Arch Enemy and Soilwork were largely responsible for reigniting my love of metal years ago, culminating in the creation of Live Metal. Not only that, but it was these bands that helped bring American metal out of the doldrums of the ’90s, and their influence can be heard in countless bands today. So up until this point, I was surprised we hadn’t covered Soilwork much over the years.

In 2013, we’ve come full circle, as I finally had the chance to talk with Soilwork frontman Björn “Speed” Strid. And it comes at the beginning of a new era for the band. Guitarist Peter Wichers is out once again, yet the band–now with something to prove–has undertaken an ambitious challenge, releasing the first-ever double album of the melodeath subgenre, The Living Infinite, with a massive U.S. tour to follow. Below, we talk all about the new album and its inspiration, along with the undeniable impact Soilwork has had on the metal scene. (more…)

Mutiny Within

Mutiny Within

With a monster of a debut album, Mutiny Within has stormed the American metal scene in 2010. Heavy, technical and majestic, the band has been described as a cross between Dream Theater and Killswitch Engage (members of the former count themselves among their fans). After introducing themselves to the masses last fall on tour with Soulfly and in early 2010 on the road with Arch Enemy, Mutiny Within’s touring schedule has continued with opening slots on tours with Sonata Arctica and Dark Tranquility, and will include a summer run with Soilwork. At a recent stop at Jaxx in Springfield, Va., bassist (and sole remaining founding band member) Andrew “A.J.” Jacobs sat down with Live Metal’s Greg Maki to discuss his band’s self-titled debut, touring with his musical heroes and more. (more…)

scarsymmetry-holographicHolographic Universe, Scar Symmetry’s follow up to Pitch Black Progress, is a more melodic and accessible album. The core of the band’s sound—industrial-melodic death metal—remains intact, yet this slightly new direction may have helped lead to the departure of their vocalist, Christian Alvestam. The band announced in 2008 that they will now tour and record with two new vocalists, Roberth Karlsson (growls) and Lars Palmqvist (clean vocals).

After hearing Pitch Black Progress, I immediately made Soilwork comparisons and now it’s even more evident with the increased use of clean, melodic vocals. It’s most similar to Soilwork’s phenomenal album Natural Born Chaos (listen to “Morphogenesis,” “Quantumleaper” and “Ghost Prototype I – Measurement of Thought”).  (more…)

scarsymmetry-pitchUpon first hearing Scar Symmetry, you’ll most likely think of fellow Swedes Soilwork. Scar Symmetry play the same style of melodic death metal with catchy clean vocals and backing keyboards. With Soilwork’s last effort leaning more to American influences, maybe Scar Symmetry’s time has come with Pitch Black Progress. (more…)

soilwork_-_stabbing_the_drama_aReview by Jeff Maki
Soilwork, still an upcoming and innovative band in the Swedish metal scene, seemed poised for a possible breakthrough with this release, but this material is average at best on Stabbing The Drama. This does not sound like the same creative and groundbreaking band who released Natural Born Chaos, or even its last effort, Figure Number Five. (more…)