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In-Flames_The-End-albumReview by Jeff Maki
There was a turning point in the evolution of In Flames’ sound in the early 2000s. Fans cite either 2002’s Reroute to Remain, (which featured more clean singing, melody and even a borderline country music song) or 2004’s Soundtrack to Your Escape (an industrial metal album, which, at the time, was its most commercial-sounding release to date) as the albums that “abandoned” the band’s signature melodeath sound. Come Clarity (2006), A Sense of Purpose (2008) and Sounds of a Playground Fading (2011) rode the fine line of heaviness and accessibility, and even yielded some new fan favorites along the way. Then came Siren Charms (2014,) and for many of the fans still left, this was the final nail in the coffin. I’ve been a fan of most of In Flames’ post-melodeath era albums, even Siren Charms. The album had a somber mood and explosive parts throughout. But now with In Flames’ 12th studio album, Battles, and yet more drastic changes in sound and personnel, will they be able to retain me as a fan? (more…)


Anders Fridén of In Flames

Legendary melodic metal act In Flames announce the release of their twelfth full-length studio album Battles, out November 11 via Eleven Seven Music in the North America and Nuclear Blast globally excluding North America. Recorded in Los Angeles, the 15-track album sees the band taking a new approach while staying true to their vision and encompassing their unique, signature sound. In Flames brought in Grammy-nominated producer Howard Benson (Papa Roach, My Chemical Romance, The Used) as a collaborator on Battles, creating an album that speaks to all In Flames fans alike.

“I think being in California really affected this album in the sense that we had a studio in the house that we were staying at and the vibe was really relaxed which lent itself to productivity,” says vocalist Anders Fridén. “It really helped having a producer who could make us focus on what we needed to accomplish and keep us on track,” he adds. “This was a very new approach for us because we’ve never let anyone else in the way we did with Howard,” says guitarist Björn Gelotte.

Confidence and palpable excitement is dripping all over Battles. The instantly infectious “take the power back” anthem “The Truth,” will hit radio airwaves this Friday, but fans can get a first taste of the new album with the unveiling of new track “The End” off the upcoming album. It will be available via streaming partners starting tomorrow 8/26.  (more…)


Review by Jeff Maki
As I write this, Siren Charms’ official release date is still a few days away, but going off of early fan reactions and online reviews, you would think In Flames was releasing Load or St. Anger. (The album was made available for streaming prior to release.) While Siren Charms may not be In Flames’ best, the Swedish legends have a lot to offer on their 11th studio album. Most of the criticism I’ve seen has been way off base. Did anyone even listen to the album?  (more…)

“This one is for you Jesterheads,” reads a recent Facebook post on In Flames official page in reference to its upcoming album. Does this mean a return to the melodic death metal style of earlier albums? An entirely heavier yet different sound? We haven’t had the chance to hear anything just like anyone else, but if I had to guess, I’d say the new album will be a combination of both. Oldschool fans are dying for a heavy death metal record from In Flames, and I think the band wants to deliver. On the other hand, they probably don’t want to alienate new fans that have come aboard on newer albums Come Clarity (review), A Sense of Purpose (review) and Sounds of a Playground Fading (review), so I’m thinking maybe we get the best of both worlds here? Only September will tell. View the album cover art inside. (more…)

Drowning 'In Waves,' Burning In Flames

Drowning ‘In Waves,’ Burning In Flames

In Flames, Trivium, Veil of Maya, Kyng

By Jeff Maki

I was here to see In Flames. In Flames we trust—make no mistake. But perhaps we’d better start from the beginning. (more…)

in-flames-sounds-of-a-playground-fadingDid anyone really think Swedish metal gods In Flames were going to make another Whoracle or The Jester Race? No, those days are gone. The albums are classics, and they’re not going anywhere. So grab them off the shelf, listen to them, enjoy them, and let’s move on. That’s what In Flames has done, and the evolution started with Clayman (2000), through the now-classic Reroute to Remain (2002), Come Clarity (2006) and A Sense of Purpose (2008). Each one of these is a standalone album, yet you can instantly tell that each is undeniably In Flames. In fact, the only album in the past decade that could be considered a “real” stylistic departure is Soundtrack to Your Escape (2004), which is still a great modern metal album. Sounds of a Playground Fading plays out like a greatest hits package of the post-Colony albums. (more…)